Vampire Bytes

I love the title and the idea.
Ava = Evangeline Styk
Sabrina = Emily Drakule
Emily - Vampire by Generation, beautiful long brown hair, red eyes, pale
Evangeline - Human soon Vampire, Short blond trendy hair, green eyes, tan

Chapter 2

Evangeline's POV

I arrived home from my evening "Walk" very late at night. Maybe now it'd be a good time to tell Emily about what happened. She'll get it. She must like vampires since she's so dark and stuff... But, anyway, what happened was, when I was 11 i was taking an evening walk. I snuck out of the house because my parents were fighting. Suddenly a human-like figure walked in front of me. He asked me why i was crying. I didn't even realize I was crying. I responded, "Mommy and Daddy are fighting" He put his hand on my shoulder and a sudden feeling of numbness and pain came about me. I tried to grab his hand so he'd stop but i was too weak. suddenly i passed out. When I woke up I was covered in blood, and craving it at the same time.
I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and texted her as fast as possible. Ive gotten so fast i can send 250 texts a minute! I started calm but then it became really random. that's how it always is when emily doesn't answer. I'm very impatient. 2 minutes later, boredom and exhaustion took over me. I stopped texting her and tried to go to sleep. If only i wasn't a weird insomniac. Even if im dead tired i don't sleep. I guess my body leaves the sleep for English class even though i didn't have school tomorrow.
I finally woke up to the rumble of the street cleaner outside. I popped up and put on dark wash jeans, a long sleeved juicy couture shirt, a burberry coat, black uggs, and a black hat and glove set. I was ready for starbucks in Time Square. I ran to the elevator of my builiding. the only people inside were Mrs. Turseller and her grandson Toby. When the elevator got to the Lobby I ran out and ran to Times Square. i entered the nicely cooled starbucks and ordered a marble cake and hot chocolate. It was my favorite thing to get because i liked to dip the marble cake in the hot chocolate. I sat at a table and got out the book i was reading. To Kill a Mockingbird. Nothing like the classics. I finally took my eyes off my book and was greeted by Emily and Matthew sitting right in front of me at my table. Matthew was just out there, but Emily's eyes were glued onto me. Once Matthew leaves it's time to tell Emily about...the vampire thing.

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