Vampire Bytes

I love the title and the idea.
Ava = Evangeline Styk
Sabrina = Emily Drakule
Emily - Vampire by Generation, beautiful long brown hair, red eyes, pale
Evangeline - Human soon Vampire, Short blond trendy hair, green eyes, tan

Chapter 3

Emily POV #2

"YOUR A WHAT?!?" I screamed. The fact that she was an illegal vampire who lived in an apartment filled with humans (and a cool elevator that plays green day music) shocked me. "... Do I need to repeat myself?" She asked, her face lowering to a more serious tone. I shook my head briefly of all thoughts and smiled. "Welcome to the Dark World." I said, shaking her hand. She looked at me oddly. "I'm going to read and pretend you were shocked." She said, and reached for her book, To Kill A Mockingbird. I got it before she did. "Not to burst your bubble of joy but I am a Vampire, a LEGAL one. A genuine vampire at your service." I smiled and took a big gulp of my now cold coffee. "So I hear your dating Matthew?" She asked slyly. I nodded. For about a year now, but its not like we kept it a secret. Okay yes we did but don't judge us. My phone started ringing to the song, "Remains of the Day" from my favorite movie as a child, Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. "Excuse me, I have to tell my parents that my best friend is a VAMPIRE!" I hissed. Well, at least our school seems to have more Dark People instead of those fowl idiot humans who burp and fart and all things disgusting. I looked and found my mom calling me. She was a Pianist for a Jazz band in the Cavern Club. "Yesss?" I asked, sounding Dyrtongue, powerful animal speaker. "We have these people who look like Evangeline's family living behind Maika's Crepe Factory." She snarled, literally. Then hiccuped and giggled. I just hung up on her. She was definitely drinking way to much blood with booze. No, booze does NOTHING to us, unless we add blood. I knew she was like this about everyday. Evangeline gave me a curious look but shook it away. "Tomorrow Matthew and I will introduce you to the Cavern! Its sort of like City of Ember but, we don't live there. Its more like the Dark People town." I smiled. She smiled and then sprang up. "Are you okay...?" I asked hesitantly. She started having a seizer and fell to the ground, as it literally opened up and swallowed her. Oh my Einkra, the Ones have found her.... She probably didn't legalize her Vampire-Hood. Einkra was one of the Many Goddess' of the Dark People. Einkra is worshiped by the Vampires. From what I heard, the witches worship a young lady who sacrificed herself from a potion gone terribly wrong, Sykaine. Also I also heard little words that the werewolfs worship Recroone, of whom watches over them from the gates of the wolfs, but those are rumors. I kept staring at the ground. I had to go back down. I hurried to the Lobby of the Intricate Building, (Pretending to be a Jewelry Store) and hurried to the back closet, opened the door, took the third jacket off the coat hanger, and watched the passage open. The emergency passage. I never pictured it to be this immense, magnificent and beautiful. It was a long hallway, with a grey-white tone to the floor, a marble floor. the walls were panels of glass, like little mini glasses with white frames. On the outside was a beautiful view of clouds as the tunnel was steep, going upward. I hurried up, holding onto the brass handlebars in case of falling and starting all over because I was shivering. I finally reached the top, got my thoughts all together and took a deep intaking breath. Ahead was a beautiful bejeweled cave-tunnel, with diamonds and all sorts of rich minerals surrounding the dark cascade of a wall. I gasped at the magnificent structure. One of them caught my eye. On the middle of the tunnel up ahead was a big rock in between the wide tunnel, and on top was a glowing jewel, turning to every color, to catch my attention. I hurried over, ignoring the rest behind me. As I reached towards it, words appeared to be magically carved on. It read, "To save the ones you love, thou must go to ones least trusted. Save the energy of a fight for a rescue. Think wisely on how to get on one's side for not everything you must want is to be their ambition to over come. Power over all and power over none comes surrender, so embrace it." The words seemed to etch inside my brain as the words de-carved themselves.Thinking back on it, To save the ones you love, like Matthew and Evangeline, Matthew's sudden disappearance taking over with guilt inside me, shook me hard. I need to go to the ones least trusted.... Scylla and Chasity. Oh no, not THEM. Then to save an energy from a fight for a rescue. Okay, probably a later on prophecy. Think wisely to get on one's side? It must mean I need to convince.... Scylla and Chasity.... so we can work together.... to save.... Evangeline and Matthew? Less sense came out of this, but whatever. Power over all and power over none comes surrender, so embrace it..... Okay maybe a later on prophecy thing too? I shook my head. Save Eva. I headed on forward when my phone started ringing. "Hello?" I answered. There was bad reception inside the tunnel. It was EVA AND MATTHEW! But it was cracking up and all I could catch was, "Save.......... In ...... castle.........We................ Before too late................ Oh No..................Love you................. Safe Journey............... Code is 851497263!" And it ended. I kept the numbers hanging inside my head as I quickly took out Note on my Iphone and wrote it down. I had to save them, Chasity and Scylla, or no Chasity and Scylla, they are coming home with me.

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