Vampire Bytes

I love the title and the idea.
Ava = Evangeline Styk
Sabrina = Emily Drakule
Emily - Vampire by Generation, beautiful long brown hair, red eyes, pale
Evangeline - Human soon Vampire, Short blond trendy hair, green eyes, tan

Chapter 5

Emily POV #3

I walked down to a darker cave which just became darker. The only thing that was alive was the delicious smell of vampire blood in the air (UH OH!). I sniffed the air again to see what it was about. It was a new cut from a female vampire, a bitten one. Theres more human blood inside her. That thought hit me like a rock. Evangeline was being killed/eaten right NOW. I ran through the dark hallways but it was like I was running into nothingness. I stopped on my tracks and smelled oil all over the place. I touched the slimy ground and smelled oil. Black oil to be exact. Something told me to run. And I know very well that the sudden burst of red heat and light from behind was coming for me. I sniffed the air ahead of me while taking a quicker walk. The vampire blood seemed stronger and the oil was weaker. I nodded to myself and ran as fast as I could would probably regular human speed because the oil was slippery. As I ran down, I thought I was cornered. The whole area and dead end blazed as I waited for the end and then it happened. I heard a scream from above me. It sounded like Evangeline. I started punching the top of the tunnel but it was pretty high so i had to jump. "EVA!!! ITS ME! HELP ME OPEN THIS TUNNEL!" I screamed. I could hear Evangeline scream, "EMILY! IM DIGGING WITH MY TIED UP FEET." Or something like that. About a few seconds later a pile of dirt surrounded me as the tunnel opened up from above. I turned around to see the fire slowly come my way. I guess I could say about 20 feet away as I felt the heat bristle the hair standing all over me. I saw Evangeline's foot and tugged on it as she lifted. I looked and saw the foot tracks of big puddles of oil i left behind. "HELP!" I screamed. She tried but the rope kept her still and the smell of blood was trickling down from her throat to my hands making it slippery. The fire was right underneath me when I hurled myself upward. I had sworn I fell into the pit of fire but Evangeline held my arm through her blood soaked ropes. "You've got some explaining to do missy." I said, untying her, and running with her to another tunnel opening before the fire could reach us again.

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