The fantasy's of a Teenage Girl.(1)

The fantasy's of a Teenage Girl.(1)

Hey Guys, heres my new story, absolutely no actors, or actress are in this.
But I am in it. Ths is my fantasy, and I thought it was about time you guys experienced something without celebs.

Chapter 1

The fantasy's of a Teenage Girl.(1)

Every seventeen year old has there fantasy's on this earth.
Some fantasize about being a millionaire, and famous.
Others wish for world peace, and harmony.
But not everybody fantasizes like I do.
Not everybody knows what I am like, either.
I'm just like an un ordinary girl, I blame being born six weeks early for that.
But really it's where I was raised that I am like that.
"Lauren!" a voice wailed.
I snapped into reality, and looked at my best guy friend, Zach.
"Day dreaming again?" he asked teasingly.
I blushed.
"Zach, when am I not?"
He nodded.
"True, your gonna probably die day dreaming." he admitted.
I rolled my eyes.
"You are such a dweeb."
But deep down, we were best friends, since we were like, three.
I remembered all the trouble we'd get in.
I was the ring leader of our own circus every time, with my imagination, we'd do all sorts of things.
One of those things included kissing him on our fake Christmas at six years old.
Good times, Good times!
"Your doing it again."
I rolled my eyes again.
"Excuse me for living!" I yelled.
He laughed.
Zach was my age now, just younger then me by three days, he had brown eyes, and brown hair.
We still got into trouble, just not like we did when we were younger.
A figure walked by, and my heart thudded.
I pulled Zach against the locker.
"OW!" he cried.
"SHUSH!" I hissed.
"Lauren, what is it?"
"It just wasnt an it, it was a who.
Cole Downlow was the hottest guy in our entire school, and most popular, he was my prince charming.
I could just feel it.
"Ugh, that guy." Zach said, pretending to gag.
"I know, isnt he amazing?" I said oblivious to Zach's disgusted look.
"Lauren, are you ok?" he asked concerned, putting a hand on my forehead.
I groaned.
"Zach, I'm fine." I told him.
"No, somethings wrong, I think your coming down with love.." he replied, a goofy grin on his face.
I shoved him.
"This is not the time to start phrasing Allstar Weekend songs." I commanded.
"But why not??? You LOVE Cameron sooo much!!!" he wailed, batting his eye lashes.
I giggled.
"Shut up!" I cried, shoving him even harder.
Perhaps, I shoved to hard.
For Zach fell backwards into another student, and they both tumbled to the ground.
I cringed when the girl screamed.
The scream belonged to non other then Brittney Johnson, my sworn enemy.
I know God says we should love our enemies, but do you know how hard it is to love a walking barbie doll?
Not gonna happen!
"Do you see this?! this is cashmere, now you've got dirt from the floor on it, you retard!" she screamed at Zach.
Right then, she looked like the devils twin sister.
It dawned on me, what she just called him.
"Zach is not a retard!" I yelled back at her.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot he was poor. You under class retard!" she yelled, even more hatred in her words then there was before.
"I'll show you under class." I mumbled, clenching my fist.
Zach saw that look, and he knew what it meant.
Jumping up, he got in-front of me.
"Lauren, it's not worth it. Just calm down." he commanded, placing his hands on my shoulders.
I looked into his eyes, in a way, he was right.
Brittney smirked.
"Yeah Lauren, not worth getting your fist tarnished." she teased.
Zach put his arm around me, and pulled me away.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
Brittney Johnson was the one person who could ruin any fantasy, including mine.
Mainly mine.


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