oh my WEREWOLF?! part 3 :)

ok, so pic is ali. comments please?

p.s. i have off today and monday cause my school had 5 fires yesterday... parent confrenences tuesday so no school until wednesday :)

Chapter 1


"in our defense, you've changed, a LOT!" quil said, hugging me next. i rolled my eyes. "yeah, and so has everyone else here. like everyone getting the muscles. didnt u learn steriods are bad for you in health class?!" i asked, throwing my hands up in the air, all dramatic. paul was shaking his head. "same old ali..." i smiled and jumped up onto the counter. seth was standing next to me. "you know, i reconized u the first time i saw u," seth whispered. i smiled. "even in the woods..." i almost fell off the counter out of shock. i looked at him, my eyes practically bugging out. "how did you..." i asked, picking my words carefully. he shrugged. "the way u reacted when i told u everything, i could tell. it took me a minute after u left, but i knew." i shook my head. "wow. it hasnt even been a full hour and they're already ignoring everybody else in the room," sam said, trying not to laugh. i stuck my tounge out at him. "so why are you complaining now..." i asked, confused. "do u guys wanna go cliff-diving?" jake asked, grinning. "let me think about it... uh... duh. im in. letme just go attempt to find my bathing suit..." i said, jumping off the counter and walking to my room. when i got there, all i saw was how i left my room. i dug through my bags and found my bikini. i changed into it, and threw on a pair of shorts and a tshirt. i sat down on the bed, memories flooding my mind. i dont know how long i was in lala land. i heard someone knock on my door, and it open slowly. i looked up to see seth standing there, grinning. "ready, ali?" he asked, walking in. i nodded and rubbed my eyes. i stood up and followed him down the stairs and outside. nobody waited for us. "nobody waited? wow, rude?" i said, rolling my eyes. "ali, u were upstairs for a half hour almost. they all left, so i volunteered to stay and wait. y did it take u so long?" he asked, grabbing my hand. i shrugged. "id. i just got loss in the memories i guess. everything that has happened just kinda hit me a little. but im fine." he smiled and hugged me tight. "i missed you, ali. it wasnt the same without u," he said into my hair. i smiled. "so, did u really know i was wolf?" i asked, smiling. he shrugged. "last night, at ur apartment. ur skin didnt feel cold like it should of. and plus, ur my best frind. i can tell when somethings changed. have u told sam or jake yet?" he asked, as we started walking. "no, i havnt. and im not planning on telling them, until i have to. sam hasnt told me hes one. let alone alpha. so no, i wont tell him. he said the reason y he didnt come down to moms funeral was he turned. and it shouldnt of taken him that long to change. even if it did, he should of been told. cause i know he wasnt. so whoever was with him when i told him, cause i heard people talking,should have told him," i said, ranting. seth grabbed my hand and stopped me. i sighed and put my head on his chest. he wrapped his arms around my waist and started to carry me. i rolled my eyes and started laughing. I saw the cliffs ahead and i got excited. this was my favorite place. when we got there, all the guys were talking and laughing. then, i saw leah. i started to run towards her. i tackled her in a hug, laughing. she started laughing and hugged me back. all the guys stopped talking. "OMG. she laughed!" jared yelled, in utter shock. i looked at leah and started laughing. "and ur an idiot. now that we've stated the obvious," i said, standing up. seth, sam, and jake started laughing. jared started chasing me. i ran behind sam, cause he was the first person i saw. everyone was laughing as leah came over and pushe jared off the cliff and jumped off after him. i rolled my eyes and looked down over the cliff. leah was still chasing jared. i sat down on the log seth was sitting on. i watched as slowly they all jumped. the only ones left ontop of the cliff we seth, jake, and i. jake pulled me to my feet. "jake, u go first!" i yelled, starting to get scared. he shook his head. "just go!" i said, pushing him away from me. he shrugged and did a flip off the edge. i sat down again, and seth moved closer to me. "ali, why arent u jumping?" i shrugged and seth hugged me. "no reason. i just wanted to wtch everyone?" i said, questionally. he shook his head. "come on," he said, pulling me up. i shook my head as he pulled me to the edge. "i change my mind. i dont want to," i said, trying to back away. seth started laughing. "come on, ill jump with u." he grabbed my hand and squeezed it. i closed my eyes and felt my self being pulled down the edge of the cliff. when i finally opened my eyes, all i saw was water right below me. i squealled and shut my eyes, and held my breath. the cold water cut through my clothes. even with my warm skin, i was freezing. when i reached the surface, i was out of breath. i felt something wrap their arms around my waist. i turned around, and saw seth, smiling at me. i hit his chest and started to swim to sore. seth caught up with me. i stuck my tounge out at him, laughing. when we got to shore, sam and them had started a bonfire. i smiled at sat down next to leah. she smiled at me. then i noticed billy wheeling over and some of the other people walking over to us. billys eyes got wide when he saw me. i just smiled. "well, ali, this is a suprise," billy finally said. i felt everyones eyes on me. "yeah, i moved back today." he smiled. "well its good to have you home," he said, laughing. everyone turned their attention away from me. i looked at leah and sighed. "u miss him, dont u?" she asked, nudging me. i looked into the fire and nodded. she hugged me. i smiled. "it gets eaiser with time, kid," she said, smiling. i rolled my eyes as seth sat down. "leah, im not a 'kid' as u call me." she nodded. "ur the same age as seth, so there fore, ur a kid to me." i rolled my eyes. seth looked at me, smiling.
all the adults wemt home, so it was just the pack. it was really late, so i was staring to get tired. the fire was almost burnt out, so everything was dark. then, the wind shifted directions. everyone of the pack jumped up, protectivly. then i smelt why. vampire. i looked around. the scent was very firmiliar. i started to shake. seth hugged me, knowing i was getting upset. sam thought i was cold. "seth, can u take ali home?" he asked, noddint to seth. seth nodded, and started pulling me towards my house. when we were almost there, my shaking was getting worse. seth stopped and stood infront of me. "ali, why are you acting like this?" he asked, standing closer to me. i shrugged. "i havnt caught a scent in a year or so. actually, the last time was..." i trailed off, thinking back to that day.

it was a few days after my moms funeral. i hadnt felt good all week, but i played it off. i was sitting on the couch, waiting for sam to get here and take me away from this place. the doorbell rang. i flew to the door, only to see my moms boyfriend, brock, standing there, smiling. i rolled my eyes and cocked my hip. "will u please leave me alone, brock. my mom died. my brothers coming to pick me up soon so please leave," i said, trying to slam the door. he put his foot in the door. "just remember, ill always win," he said, and then left. that was the last time i saw him. and the last time i smelt vampire.

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