oh my WEREWOLF?! part 3 :)

ok, so pic is ali. comments please?

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Chapter 2

part 2

"ali... ALISON!" seth yelled in my ear. i jumped about 10 feet in the air. "i know who that vampire is," i said, scared to death. seth took my hand and pulled me into the house. emily was sitting on the couch, reading. "hey, em," seth said, pulling me up to my room. when he pulled me in and shut the door, i knew something was wrong. "ali, what do you mean you know that vampire?" seth demanded, trying to keep his voice down. i shrugged and sat on my bed, still scared. "he.... he..." i tried to say. "he killed my mom," i finally whispered. i fell down onto my side and covered my face with a pillow. seth came and sat down next to me. when he hugged me, i flinched back, still thinking about brock. i sat up, avoiding his gaze. "ali, when did u find out?" i shrugged. "the last time i saw him was the day i, well, you know. my mom wrote me a note saying that brock, her boyfriend, was a vampire. and if she was murdered, he did it. when i changed, it took me 2 weeks to change back. i didnt leave my apartment. i was so mad at sam that everything burnt up inside of me. and i lost it, i guess. thats when i met matt..." i said, ending my sentance. seth hugged me again. i hugged him back. he layed back, taking me with him. i sighed as he got comfortable. "is sam going to be ok with us like this?" I asked, looking up at him. seth just nodded. "he knows that im staying here, until he gets back at least. i promised him i would make sure you didnt get hurt." i rolled my eyes. "i can take care of myself, thank you very much!" i said, laughing. seth just smiled his goofey smile at me. i rolled my eyes and felt suddenly at ease. i felt my eyes getting heavy. "ali, stop being stubborn and just go to sleep. i wont leave you. i promised." i nodded and closed my eyes.

i woke up when seth started to tickle me. i automatically started to swat at his hands, not opening my eyes. he finally gave up, and decided to pick me up and throw me over his shoulder and carry me downstairs. i sighed, not fighting, knowing it was useless. i heard everyone talking in the kitchen. i saw quil with a little toddler in his arms, laughing at me. i stuck my tounge out at him. he just smiled. "morning," i said, as seth was still carrying me. "do i want to know?" sam asked, shaking his head. seth finally set me down. the little girl came running over to seth. "UNCA SETH! MY TURN!" she said, giggling. seth shrugged his shoulder and picked the little girl up, like he had me. he started running around the room, as she just giggled. sam pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my head. i smiled. "unca sammy, whos that?" she asked, pointing to me. he smiled and crouched down so he was her height. "claire, this is my little sister, ali. she just moved back home." she looked at me and smiled, and ran back to quil. "thats claire, emilys niece," jake said, standing next to me. i nodded.

after a few hours of goofing off with the guys, the doorbell rang. "ill get it," i yelled, walking to the door. when i opened it, none other than matt stood at my door. i froze with fear. "what...?" I said, trying to form sentences. he grabbed my hand and pulled me outside and over to the woods. i sighed and crossed my arms. "matt, wtf?" i yelled. he looked at the ground. i sighed and started walking away. matt grabbed my hand and pulled me to him,crushing his lips to mine. i pushed him away. "matt. what.are.you.doing.here?" i asked, with the venom in my voice coming out. "ali, im sorry. us breaking up was the stupidest thing in the world." i took a step back. "us breaking up? no. u broke up with me. and guess what. i moved on. alirght? i moved home, so go back to urs. i dont want to be with you," i said, trying not to break down. he pulled me close to him and held me tight. i pushed him away and walked inside, slamming the door. i ran up to my room, and locked myself in there. i slid down the door, trying to keep in the tears. i heard someones footsteps stop outside my room. a soft knock on my door was followd by jakes voice. "ali whats going on?" i stayed quiet. i walked to the window, and looked back at my room. i opened the window, and quietly, jumped out. i ran into the woods and away from the beach. about 2 miles away from the jumping cliffs, were more. but they were more dangerous. ragged, sharp rocks stick out every where, in every direction. one jump was sure to kill you, werewolf or not. i ran until i was there. i sank down and sat on the edge. i felt the tears come. i curled my knees up to my chest, tring to forget what happened. everything in the last 3 years that ive had to put up with. i looked down at the water. it was white with foam. i stood up, thinking about jumping. as i was still deciding, i took a step closer. i made up my mind. i took another step and was tackled to the ground. "oh, thank god. i thought i was to late,' i heard seth say. he gripped me in a hug. i kept trying to get away from him. i finally gave up, and started crying again. i felt seth hold me closer, rolling over so i was ontop. he sat up and pulled me closer. i cried into his chest, letting go of everything. i hugged seth like he was going to disappear. "ali, im not going anywhere, ok? im not going to leave you, i promise..." he said, kissing my forehead.

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