I'm in Love with My Mortal Enemy! (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

I'm in Love with My Mortal Enemy! (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

here it is the draco love story! HOPE YOU ENJOY! sorry Chapters 5 and 6 are the same somehow they were entered twice and i cant delete the extra one!

Chapter 3

The Forbidden Meeting

It was 6 o'clock, you had just finished your 3 page paper on the history of Hogwarts for the History of Magic class. The only thing you had left to do was get to the Astronomy Tower by 7. You were headed to the library to check out a book on the Hubernauken plant for Herbology when you bumped into a familiar face, Hermione Granger.
"Oh, hi Ali. Where are you headed?" she questioned.
"To the library and then im meeting.." you stopped yourself before saying Draco but it was too late.
"Who are you meeting? Where are you meeting them? When are you meeting them?" Hermione interrogated.
"Uhh..im meeting," you stuttered trying to think " Ummmmm...I have to meet ..... Professor McGonagall about a bonus opportunity." you said not thinking of anything else.
"McGonagall. Giving Bonus! And she didn't tell me!" im going to have to talk with her, and with that Hermione continued into the library. You realized it was quarter till 7 so you forgot about the book you had to check out, and headed to the Astronomy Tower. When you reached the Tower (you were early because you ran through the halls), you looked around for a minute or two and finally saw a figure lurking in the shadows.
"Draco?" you asked cautiously.
"No...It's Pansy. Alaizabel! What are you doing here? and why are you looking for Draco?" questioned Pansy.
"Well...you see...Professor Sinistra thought I needed tutoring in Astronomy and she wanted Draco to tutor me today. It's Thursday right?" you replied slipping out of having to tell her what you were actually here for.
"I thought you hated Draco?" Pansy questioned, no seething with anger.
"I do, I didn't ask Sinsitra to have Draco tutor me, if that's what you're suggesting!?" you said saying the last few words a little irritated.
"Oh well okay.." and with that Pansy walked out and so did you.
You thought to yourself Y didn't Draco show up? I should have known he would pull something like that! Y am I so Stupid! you turned a corner and ran into Draco. "Ali, I'm so sorry! Crabbe and Goyle wouldn't let me leave." he pleaded.
"Yeah right! I shouldn't have trusted you! Anyways we hate each other remember?!" you spat and with that you headed back to the library to check out your book for Herbology and returned to the common room.

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