A Halloween tale for all year around!! The Mask of Halloween

A Halloween tale for all year around!! The Mask of Halloween

there lies creatures out there.. the creatures of darkness and the creatures of light.. Things we never would have dreamed.. Things that kill you of one by one when your all alone at night! but one thing is for surtain.. they all go to a ball on halloween night.. a ball masks, a ball of no identity.. if you go in you may never come out..
i hope you all like it..

Chapter 1


A special person, my brother once told me stories of mosters, goblems, and creatures of the night. i was very young, so i never thought much of it. when i grow to be 13, my brother had an unexspected attack. His last words were to his sister, to me.

I dont know how, i was atleast two miles away. but I did. His last words to me was, "Mosters are everywhere, so be careful my sister. for they might come to you."

Thoughs words inside my mind was as clear as day, and when he said them i felt a pang in my chest as if something just had killed me, killed him. i know it was my brother, and i know he was dead, but i did not now the meaning, i thought it was people in genral, and how they do bad things to get what they want.

but know i now the real meaning of his words and it wasnt the preaty and cute things you hear in children books. It was scary and it was real. The day i found out about these creatures was the day of the masked ball, and i had gotten an invintation.


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