Year of the Fox!? (a fruits basket tale)(girls only)

Hope you like it

Chapter 1

Prologue, what they think of you, and Info

You walked to the main house. When you entered and shyly walked to Akito's room. You nocked.
Akito: Enter.
You walked in shyly and neeled on the ground.
You: I-I am
Name: Kaminari Sohma
Siblings: Akito Sohma
Height: 4'10''
Hair: Long Aburn hair
Eyes: White
Age: 14
~What The Cast Thinks of You~
Yuki: She only talks to me for some reason. She is very kind and shy. And obedient.
Kyo: She fine I guess. To quiet, but she doesn't hate me or love me to death so she's okay.
Tohru: She doesn't talk to me but she seems to like Yuki alot! She is kind to me also.
Shigure: Nice girl. She's the only one who doesn't hit me on the head or breaks my doors!^.^
Momiji: She's soooooo sweet and it seems Haru likes her. To bad she runs when he gets close to her.
Haru: She's cute and sweet but when I try to talk to her she disappears...But when I turn to my black self she comes and calms me down

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