Year of the Fox!? (a fruits basket tale)(girls only)

Hope you like it

Chapter 2

The little Sister, She Appeared as Suddenly as She Dissapeared

You walked to Shigure-sama's house. When you approached the door you knocked timidly.
Female's voice: One second.
You were confused.
Youthinking: A girl? Why is there a girl in Shigure-sama's house.
A brown-haired girl opened the door.
Girl: Oh hello there.
You looked up at her. You felt your face get red.
Yuki: Who is it Miss Honda?
Miss Honda: I don't know.
Yuki came to the door.
Yuki: Oh! Kaminari it's you.
You looked at him shyly. Then you reached your hand out and latched on to his shirt.
You: ...mumble
Miss Honda: She is so cute.
Yuki: Miss Honda. This is Kaminari Sohma.
You: ...mumble
Miss Honda: Hello Kaminari.
You nodded to her.
Yuki: Let's go inside.
You nod.
As you enter Shigure hugs you around the neck.
Shigure: Oh It's Kaminari-chan
You pried him off and scooted closer toYuki.
Kyo: Not her again!
Youmade a sad face.
Yuki: Stupid cat.
Then yuki turned to you.
Yuki: I'm sorry Kami. Are you okay?
You blushed and nodded. Then there was a nock at the door.
Miss Honda openned the door and Momiji and Haru stepped in.
You: 0.0
Haru: Oh hi Kami.
Just then a poof of smoke formed around you. Where you were standing sat a fox. It franticly ran out the door with Kami cloths.
Everyone but Yuki: 0.0
Yuki: Oh my I'll go look for her

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