Year of the Fox!? (a fruits basket tale)(girls only)

Hope you like it

Chapter 3

The Fox is Excepted but Also Isn't

You sat under a tree and saw Yuki walking up to you. You snuggled into his leg when he sat next to you. After a while.
Yuki: Shall we return...?
You nodded(plus you are in fox form right now>.>)
He grabed you and cradled you in his arms as he carried you to the house.
Tohru: So Kaminari is Akito's sister and is only excepted because of that?
Shigure: Yes sad isn't it-Oh!
Yuki opened the door still carrying you.(wait for it...-.-)
Haru: Oh you found Kami.
You blushed and then was surrounded in smoke. You instantly grabed your hid behind a nearby blanket. Yuki handed you your cloths and you went into the guest room and redressed.
When you came out you latched onto Yuki's arm and hid behind him.
Shigure: So Kami where were you all this time?
You whistpered to Yuki and his eyes widened.
Yuki: He what!?

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