Year of the Fox!? (a fruits basket tale)(girls only)

Hope you like it

Chapter 6

Rhapsidy of the Duckling Printed Umbrella

Kaminari stood in shock. Lost?! Haru looked around him as if trying to descide which way to go.
Haru: Left...or right...left seems safer...but I think right is more logical...
Kaminari's eye twitched in annoyance. He was hopless; that's all there is to it. After a long and silent debate with himself, Haru picked to go right. The sky was grey and overcast. They walked through many streets and soon became hungery. They searched around for a place to eat until they came upon a small festival. They both walked up to the many food stands eagerly. Both of them met at a small bench in the park. Kaminari popped food into her mouth until her tiny plate was empty. She watched Haru eat. He ate slowly and neatly. Half-way through Haru's meal, a growl rumbled from Kaminari's stomach. She blushed feircly and looked at her feet. Haru smirked
Haruthinking: Well well well...
He handed her half of his steamed bun. They both ate in a comfortable silence,
Soon fat crystal-like rain drops began to fall down at a lazy pace. Kaminari smiled. She loved the rain. They both stopped under a small tree. Kaminari took out a see through umbrella with baby ducklings printed on it. She smiled and began to walk again. Haru, who was less prepared, watched her walk away. Finally she was gone.
After many moments have passed Haru had fallen asleep in his leeky cover. He was awoken by a small poke in his side. When he opened his eyes he saw a duckling printed umbrella.He blinked and sat up looking around all he saw down the sidewalk was Kaminari's fleeting shape as she ran through the rain. At some point she spun around her golden eyes peircing his. Over the gentle thumping of rain he heard her speak her first word to him ever.


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