The Boy's Side

The Boy's Side

Yes, I am a girl, but that doesn't matter. My twin (he's not really my twin, he's my boy side) has locked my in my attic! Just because I said he couldn't go to school with me!
Well, I decided to let him write about it! Yes, I am in my attic still!! Dumb boy! Now, without further adu, here is the story of "The Boy's Side"! ~Samantha

Enjoy it, or else ~Sam!

Comments are welcome!! Sorry about Sam & Samantha

Chapter 1

Meet the Gang!! (1st Day)

by: Cozy_Glow
I hate getting up early, I thought. But, I have too, otherwise I wouldn't be able to go to school! My shoulder bag was light; only carrying a large laptop, a notepad & a textbook.
James, my lil' bro, (actually, he's Sam's, but I'm her half, so...yeah) & I were going to the Primary School to catch the bus. 2 buses drove by when we got there. It was boring; only me, James & a dark-brown haired girl. I turned to her.

"Hey, when's the bus come?"
"Uh, later" she replied. "I don't know"

Well, I found out. It came around the corner, just as she'd finished talking. I pulled out my bus pass & sat near the driver. The girl sat behind me.

"Are you new?" she guessed. "You look familiar..."
"I'm Sam" I said. "And, yeah, I'm new"
"I'm Michella"

When I finally got to school, I couldn't believe it. People were everywhere. As I walked up the annoyingly, steep hill, I walked into the admin. block. They made me wait for a guide. Me. Wait! No way.
But I did. It didn't take long, before a brown & blonde girl came in. She was alittle short & had her hair in a pony-tail. She came over.

"Hi" she said.
"You the new guy?"

Her name was Claire. She was nice. At Recess she showed me her friends. Koji was a brown-red haired girl that was really funny; Chantel was a book-lover like me; Athol the tall, fair-haired boy with a roll-up everyday; Onesha the plum-haired (?), stripy socked girl; Shalae the loud-mouthed dark-brown haired (with purple streaks) girl; And Kiara the silent, fun-lover.
Everyone that came past would shout out something, but the group would reinforce each other & shout back. It was something. I had English with Chantel; Maths with Koji; Geography with Koji & Claire; Art with Onesha; Technology with Koji; Science with Athol, Koji & Claire; PD/Health/PE with Koji, Claire & Athol; Drama with Onesha, Claire, Athol & Shalae (Its french!); And sport with Koji, Claire, Shalae & Kiara.

Wow. That was my whole Class schedule! And I didn't even look at it! Anyway, when we went bowling, it was fun! I couldn't wait for tomorrow!!

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