Seth Fray. An Illegal Teen Agent striving to keep his personal life secret after being tracked by an unknown source- Until. He is ordered to abandon his "Friend with Benefits" for safey reasons by the company. Will he risk his life for Veronica? Or will Veronica knowingly kill him by "Mistake"

I dont flapping know. Read you blobmuffin.

Chapter 1


"..... You want me to WHAT?" Seth screams. "MR. FRAY! Remember who you are speaking too." Mr. Benedict retorts while getting up from his chair. "It must be done. For the protection of the company."

Seth calms down. "Protection of the company? How will a phyiscal relationship possibly harm the company?". Mr Benedict "One. Your not even legally old enough to be an agent. I'm breaking the law just so YOU will have a nice house and job. Two. Your already being tracked. If they somehow find out your with her. Boom. She will get snatched up. And unless you come to her rescue like a knight in shining armor as quick as possible, shes going to either Freak out and spill everything in fear of her life. Or not share anything and well. You know how that works. Dont you Fray."

Seth exhales deeply. "Fine..... FINE!" He walks out the room and slams the door.

"Even Teenage Agents are drama......" Mr. Benedict takes a sip of his coffee.

Seth storms down the hall of the building towards the elevator. Veronica looks up from Ms. Leli's desk. "Oh hey Seth!" She says cheerfully. Seth continues walking. "Huh? Well thats strange......" Veronica thinks. "You didnt hear....? All Employee relationships are to be forgotten for as long as your an em-" Veronica cuts Ms. Leli off. "To be cut off....? Excuse me? Why didnt I get the memo?". Ms. Leli laughs. "Because Mr. Benedict probably assumed that no one would want you!"

Veronica grips the paper she was holding. "One more crack and I'm shoving this through your left eye socket. Got it?"
Ms. Leli stands up. "You cant do anything to me. Or your out of here."
"Welll..... I already have to leave my boyfriend if I stay here..." Veronica puts down the paper and picks up a pen. "Hmmmmm..."
Veronica knees Ms. Leli in the gut and forces her on the ground.
"My mother works in the hospital you'll be transported too. Say Hi to her for me."
She behinds to smash Ms. Leli' in the face with the pen.

The screams are heard down the hall. Employee's look towards the direction of the sounds. Security springs up and runs down the hall.

Veronica gets up from the bleeding woman. "Good. you guys are here. Do you mind cleaning up for me?" She takes off running.
She runs to the elevator before the doors close.
She stands next to a 50' something year old woman. "Hm. I like your glasses" Veronica says.
The elevator doors open. She releases her hair from a rubberband. "Oh wow. That was a good work-out."

The sound of a crowd is heard from behind her. She begins running.
The doors are locked. She stops. "I wonder if I can still do this....." she steps back. And Roundhouse kicks the glass door.

Seth sits on the bench sighing. "I really have to leave her....? Well I'm not actually with her but...." Seth looks up and see's Veronica sprinting toward the main street. "What is she doing...?" He see's the large security team seconds later. "Oh come on......" He gets up and walks after them. "-Sigh-. Veronicaaaa!!!!!!"

TBC. o_o;


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