Quibblo award nominee previews

these r da previews of da nominees in da Story writing, best story, and poetry catergory. so ya...

Chapter 1

Avaray (story writer nominee) entry

When he saw that i woke up he says "Im not here because i want to be you know. Its not because im worried. I was on hospital duty so i could get some time out of detention. I actually want you to shrivel up and die." he said turning away at the end. i could see his cheeks slightly turn red. "Well it's not like i want you here. and why was there fire?" i asked. "The school caught on fire because of some kids smoking right outside of it." "Why did you get me out of the building?" i asked. "because Mr. Mcmurtrie told me to." Shane said blushing again. "Whatever." i said laying back in my hospital bed. Someone knocked on the door. Shane answered it and Mr. Mcmurtrie walked in. "Shane can you leave so i can talk to Serania for a second." "Whatever" he said as he quickly walked out of my room. "I can't believe how brave Shane was." Mr. Mcmurtrie said looking up in inspiration. "What do you mean? you told him to go get me." i said. "He lied to you didn't he? that boy was probably embarrassed. poor guy." "What are you talking about?" i asked. "When the fire started the whole class left the school, then Shane yelled 'Serania's still in there!' Then he ran as fast as he possibly could to get you. It was really phenominal (sp)." Mr. Mcmurtrie said. I was as surprised as surprised could get. "really?" was the only thing that could escape my mouth at the moment. "Yup, and he also insisted that he stayed in the hospital room until you got better." he said. No words could escape my mouth now. I was speechless. i just let my jaw drop. He would seriously care that much! But it's probably because i was trapped in a fire. He'll hate me again after this all blows over.

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