The pancake

I wrote some of this song when I was in the seventh grade. And then a year later, I remembered it and finished it. Tell me if you like it. It's a parody of 'The Climb' by Miley Cyrus. Save your complaints about it, because in no way am I actually making fun of HER. I just made a song to the rhythm of hers.

Chapter 1

The Pancake

I turn off my alarm clock,
And go for a little walk 'cross,
My bedroom 'cause,
I need to get dressed,

I go downstairs,
To talk to someone who cares but,
All I smell is breakfast,
And it's a downer,
I don't wanna cooooook,
So I tell my mooom; that

There's always gonna be another pancake,
I'm always gonna want more syrup,
All of that sweet, sweet milk in-
side of my Dixie cup

Ain't about how fast I get to school,
Ain't about gettin ontime for the buuuuuuuus,
It's the paancaaake!

All the studyin I'm facin,
All the tests I'm takin,
Sometimes might knock me down but,
No I'm not breakin (No eggs)

I may not no it,
But this is the breakfast that,
I'm gonna remember most ya,
Just gotta keep savorin and IIIIIIII,
I gotta be strooooooong,
Just keep eatin oooooooon, Ya

All the sausage, eggs, and bacon,
All lined up in a roooow,
Grab my backpack, throw it over my shoulder,
Now I am ready to go,

I run up the steps, climb on board,
Turn around and wave goodbyyyyyyyyyye,
It's the paancaaake.

Keep on eatin, keep eatin
Keep the eggs the eeeggs,
It's all about, it's all about the paancaaake

Keep on eatin, keep eatin,
Keep the eggs, keep your eeeeggs,
It's all about, it's all about the paaaaancaaaaake!!!!


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