Memories ~Adopted by the Cullens~

My new story!!
Name:Kallee Baker

Chapter 1


Kallee's POV

I layed curled up on "my" bed. I suppose it wasnt mine, it was this stupid orphanages. I swear I killed my parents. The memory haunts me and it hurts-badly.
5 months ago-
I was mad. Very mad. I slammed my door. My parents tol me not to ask for anything if i wanted a Christmas. How dare they! They hadnt even bought me anything for my birthday. "I HATE YOU!" I screeched, jumping on to the bed sobbing. That night i had awoken to my parents screaming. I heard a large bang. My eyes were wide. I eased the door open. My dad stood over my moms dead body. "I didnt mean it" I whispered falling to the floor crying. I sobbed. When dad had calmed down he realized what he did. He fell to his knees and shot himself. I screamed and screamed untill I didnt seem to have anymore tears. That was when realization hit me. I had killed my parents.

End Flashback-

Still gives me chills. I hadnt meant it. I would do anything to take it back. But its too late, and the very last thing i had ever said to my parents was "I hate you."


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