Kill me, I dare you

Kill me, I dare you

Happy Halloween guys! Hope ya like my story, it's my first on this site. Enjoy :D

Chapter 1


As Roy glided the blade across my shoulder, Angela's blood smeared my jacket, leaving a messy dark red stain. The site of it made me shudder like one of those actors in horror movies that are about to be killed.

He slowly walked to the exit, leaving David and I with nothing but our shadows to follow. Roy turned and stared at us like we were below him. In his eyes we were.

David took a step back, implying to Roy: I'm not with you. If David was under Roy's rule, this would be treason. David kept taking steps back. Gotta love that daring boy.

I knew Roy didn't care. David was an afterthought to him. It was me he wanted, I was his "special diamond", so he called me. More like his special mistress.


My name was crude in his mouth. Roy said it like a boy calling for his dog. It disgusted me. And to think I was really his girlfriend all these years. I stepped toward him on impulse. An old reflex I'm assuming. But i was frozen, unable to step backwards.

"C'mon, Hazel. I haven't got all day."

I was more so his property than his girlfriend. I was taking another step. Why am I going towards this bastard? He wasn't good to me. He never held hands with me. And at the mixer he--

That's when David grabbed my arm. I hadn't notice i was nearly feet away from Roy. David always seems to be catching me in Roy-trances, eh. He held on firm to my arm, but in a gentle courteous way. He whispered something to me, but i couldn't hear him.

"Hazel," he said. It wasn't Roy speaking. I knew that mellifluous voice could never be Roy's. Discord was broken. I remembered that night at the mixer. David had saved a way. And i knew he was saving me now, or at least trying to.

David pulled me back to him and I went happily, actually.

That's when Roy stepped forward. I don't remember exactly but something gave and I went down. I remember crouching though, like a little helpless girl. I think Roy pulled a gun on us. Nah, he would never even hit me. Surprising, I know.

Mostly, I remember David. His eyes looked worried as a mother's. His skin was stained red and he was short of breath. But somehow he still held that handsome face of his. The way his hair fell on his forehead and the way his dimples shine just makes me smile.

I knew i was in good arms, no matter what.


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