The Knife Scars

The Knife Scars

Chapter 1

How It Starts

I stare almost lifelessly at the fan. As it spins I find myself falling asleep. “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and for deeds left undone,” is a saying painted on my wall. It reminds me of my friend Martha, but that’s another story… As I doze off the clock strokes 12. I fall face first to the floor.

“Midnight already? It can’t be!” my head wails. I spring up and run to the living room on the 3rd floor, nearly tripping over, my dog, Joel's toys. "i went through dozens of baskets last night so it can't be there..." I hear myself moan. I can't believe I almost lost last night. Almost lost my life. These games are rough. Head tripping teenage boys with sick minds. They think I can't win because I'm a girl. Since my knife is gone I can't go to the games tonight unless I can replace that black switchblade.

"Nora..." my dad growls, "It's midnight. Go get some sleep." He stares for a moment then stumbles off into the darkness of the hallway.

"My dad's carving knife is on the kitchen table," I silently mumble to myself. Sprinting through down the steps I almost forgot about the fee for the club plus there is an extra cost for going out back (which is where we need to go. What else is new?) . I turn around and run to my younger sister, Meggy's room. She's only 11 and I'm 15. Meggy thinks she can outsmart me but I know all her tricks. She's got an empty sleeve and a piggy bank now to match. I creep into her room. Meggy snores louder than a bomb in an open field so it's not hard to sneak into her room. She hides her money under her pillow (not the brightest idea). I snatch the $5.82. I only need $4.50 but i take all of it anyways.

Soon before I know it, I'm at the club. All the scrambling that had just happened, suddenly vanished from my mind. My friends and I slowly pull into the parking lot. Lights flash in my face. Blue. Red. Green. Pink. Then over again. Spott (Scott), Lokus (Mark), and Axi (Michael) all know what's at stake here. So do I but, according to them, not as clearly. The three of them all got a nickname from the games. I haven't. I'm just Nora.

There are certain "rules" for getting a nickname. Stupid huh? Like you have to have at least have killed 10 people (I've done 27 and it wasn't pretty). You have to be over 13 (I'm 15). The last rule is you must have came to 100 game nights. I have only came to 95 (96 now though). Today is Thursday so I only have to come every night until Sunday. You gotta do ALL that, just to be called something else...

The guys and I hop out of the car. As we walk towards the entrance the flashing lights nearly blind me. I stumble onto Spott. He pulls me up and shoots me a shy smile. I've known all these guys since I was 11. Well, actually I have known Spott since we were 5. I find that pretty cool. I turn my head from the light show. Carving knife in left hand. Money in right. I pay the fee and walk out back. Then it hits me. I would have just climbed the chain link fence! God.. I'm so stupid. It's a wonder I'm still alive.

I feel an icy hand touch my shoulder. It spins me around to face him. A friendly smile upon the guy's face.

"Ricky" I smile. "Been to long, eh?"

Ricky's smile faded and was replaced by a devilish smirk. "Death Skill's fightin' Spott next..." His voice hoarse, as usual, but there was a sound in Ricky's voice. Eerie and wanting...

I couldn't believe it... "Axi and Spott? Can't be... "


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