sorry for the wait, your name is elizabeth but your friends call yuu lizzy marie :)
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Chapter 1

Wolf Boy Chushing

by: sisliz2
I turned around to face him then started grinding on him. " how old are you any way?"I asked.
"15, 16 next month!"
" Aww your younger than me, but your still cute!" I said in return. Drop it Low by Esther Dean cam on and I jumped. I stopped dancing on the wolf boy. "i'll see you later baee" winking at him and suductively smiling at all his friends. I could tell they were jealous. I walk back to my friends and kept dancing till the night was done.
I was walking back to my yellow lambo and saw one of the hot guys in Seth's group of friends. This one looked my age, was muscular, tall , and totally bangable ;) . " What's up ?" he said.
"nothing you?"
"Well I saw you dancing with Seth and i admit i'm jealous. he said trying to play it off. I just stood there looking at him. " my name is jacob by the way. I live right" I cut him off and leaned onto him, him leaning on my car even more now.
" I can tell everything about you!"
"yep wanna know how?"
Sure. Show me!" he gave me his hand, palm upward.
"I dont do it like that!" i bit my lip and took my freshly manicured purple nails and ran them down his abs and started down his pants. I began rubbing on his peice.


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