Three Worlds

in the first chapter, i will introduce the characters and what they look like.

Mayve Legacy and Zoey Malters think they are just ordinary 16 year olds, that is until an accident ends with Mayve in the hospital and they meet Aaron Greenip. He has a secret that will make them question everything they believe they know.

Chapter 1

Introducing the main characters

Mayve Legacy- gleaming brown eyes, brown hair with reddish and gold highlights and ends about half way down her arms and her hair is quite curly. has full lips, smartest girl at The Private School for the Talented or as the students call it PST high. Mayve is 16 years old, loves music and history, is very good at art and sports and alwasy makes whatever sport team she tries out for. She is 5 feet and 9 inches which isnt very tall compared to some but she is proud of her height. Mayve is a very confident girl and it is rare that she feels insecure or sheepish. she lost her parents at the age of eight and she proved to grow up very fast. she hates it when people feel sorry for her and her aunt, who she is currently living with until she goes to college. Her best friend is Zoey Malters, although most people call her Z or Zo.Mayve doesnt have alot of close friends, although she is quite likeable and popular. she doesnt try to impress people, she just does. And she isnt a big believer in love.
Zoey Malters-has dirty blonde straight medium length hair, blue eys that seem impossibly blue, Zo is 5 feet 10 and a half inches tall and she likes to point out to Mayve that she is one and half inches taller. Zoey is also 16 years old. She lives with her parents and coincedently right beside Mayve, thats how they meet but you will learn more later. she is very smart too, she has to be to be able to keep up with her best friends thoughts. She is somewhat sportybut not as much as Mayve. Zo prefers to play football over any sport and is better than most guys.Z prefers to draw and sing and dance hip hop style and she teaches Mayve quite often. Zo is the one who can alwasy spot a hot guy and can tell if a guy is flirting with her or Mayve. Z loves to laugh though some of her jokes arent the best but it just makes it funnier.
Aaron Greenip-has straight brown hair that ends just before his eyes, which are a turquise color, is 6 feet even, is smart, athletic, funny, kind (most of the time) tons of girls like him but he believes that when he meets the perfect girl he will know, he lives with his grandparents since his parents went missing when they went on a trip 6 years ago. Aaron still has a gut-strong feeling that they are out there somewhere...alive. And because his parents went missing when he was young he too grew up faster than most kids. he works out everyday and is in top shape. Aaron attends Pst high and is in grade 11 with Mayve and Zoey. they havent officially meet since its his first year. his relatioship with his grandparents is quite spectacular. they trust him alot and they love each other dearly.
So these are the main characters. i hope you enjoy the story!

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