Scattered Pictures

So I'm creating a story about Green Day. Enjoy, and tell me what you think. :)
If you guys like it, then I'll make more.

Chapter 1


"10 minutes until showtime, Mr. Armstrong." the stage hand said.
"Thanks. Call me Billie."
He nodded.
I looked around my dressing room for a tie. White or Striped? White. I took it and tied it around my neck. Converse? Check. Guitars? Check. Eyeliner? Not check. I took my pencil and drew a thick line under both of my eyes.
I walked out of the dressing room and did some stretches in the hallway. I saw Tre walk out with his drum sticks. He drummed my head.
"Woah dude I'm prepping, leave me be!"
"Sorry, I'm just getting pumped! I can tell this is gonna be a great show!" he said.
"So can I. Can you do me a favor and get Mike for me?"
"Sure." he said.
Once he left I sat down and started playing the chords to 'When It's Time.' I wrote the song for my wife when I was 18 or 19. It's a fairly new song, but it's a fan favorite. People, especially couples, love it. I sometimes miss my family, but they can't always come to every show since they are rooted in Oakland.
I grabbed a beer from the concession stand and took a big sip. Mmm. PBR.
"Billie, Tre said you needed me?" Mike asked walking towards me.
"Yeah, I wanted to wish you a good show."
"You too." he smiled. "Ready to give them what they want?!"
"Hell yeah man!" I gave him a high five. This is why he's my best friend.
I started towards the stage when Jason Freese, our piano/sax player, stopped me.
"Good luck tonight man!" he said.
"You too." He gave me a fist bump.
I grabbed my guitar from the stage hand and waited until 'Song of the Century' was finished playing.
I walked on stage, and instantly, the crowd cheered for me. I stood on the amp like superman, taking in their loyalty and love. My fans are the greatest. I blew a kiss out into the crowd, which caused more hysteria. I glanced at Jason (White, not Freese) and then to Mike, and back at Tre. Then Jason started the piano for '21st Century Breakdown.' I joined in, and began singing.
"Born into Nixon, I was raised in Hell. A welfare child where the teamsters dwelled. The last one born and the first one to run. My town was blind from refinery sun. My generation is zero, I never made it as a working class LET'S GO! 21st century breakdown, I once was lost and never was found. I think I'm losing what's left in my mind. To the 20th century deadline, OAKLAND!"
They cheered and screamed again, and I jumped around like a madman.
"I was made of poison and blood. Condemnation is what I understood. Video games to the tower's fall. Homeland security could kill us all. My generation is zero, I never made it as a working class LET'S GO! 21st century breakdown, I once was lost but never was found, I think I'm losing what's left in my mind, to the 20th century deadline, let's go crazy!!!!"
And so they went crazy. And here is when the fun part of the song happens.
"I say HEYYYYYYYOOOOOO! C'mon!" And the crowd echoed me back.
"I say HEYYYY AYYYY!" Again, they obeyed. I smiled.
"We are the class of, the class of 13. Born in the era of humility. We are the desperate in the decline. Raised by the basturds of 1969!"
"My name is no one, the long lost son, born on the 4th of July. Raised in the era of heroes and cons, who left me for dead or alive. I am an agent a worker of pride. My debt to the status quoe. The scars on my hands are a means to an end, it's all that I have to show."
"HEY! GET UP!" I screamed.
"I swallowed my pride and I choked on my faith, I've given my heart and my soul. I've broken my fingers and lied through my teeth, the pillar of damage control. I've been to the edge and I've thrown the bouqet. Of flowers left over the grave. I sat in the waiting room wasting my time. And waiting for judgement day. I praise liberty. The freedom to obey. It's the song that strangles me. Well don't cross the line!"
"Get those hands up in the air!" I yelled.
Oh dream, America, dream. I can't even sleep. From the light's early dawn. Oh scream, America, scream. Believe what you see, from heroes and cons?*"
And so the song was finished, and they screamed. These kind of things make me see how far we've come as a band. It's unreal.
My name is Billie Joe Armstrong, I am the singer of Green Day, and this is my story.

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