Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Enjoy =)

Chapter 14


by: MiSS_CRiS
When I walked into the house Kaleb was the only one who was home which surprised me. I didn't say anything to him and went straight to my room. About a half hour later I hear Sara calling out for dinner. I went to the kitchen and when she saw me she had a sinister smile on her face. I'm sure she didn't think I noticed it. We all sat around the table and began eating. I pretty much just picked at my food. I was too weirded out about being here with Sara.


I woke a while later to the sound of someone saying my name. My head hurt and I felt disoriented.

"Kaed!" Kaleb whispered

It took me a few seconds to open my eyes. I looked around the dark room trying to remember what happened and how I had gotten here. The last thing I could remember was dinner with Sara and Kaleb. Then the realization hit.

"Kaleb!" I breathed finally looking at him "You shouldn't have come home tonight." I could feel the tears build up. He shouldn't have been here and now--becasue of me--he was.
"What?" he asked "Do ''you'' know whats going on?"
"Oh god," I whispered "I am so sorry Kaleb." I felt the hot tears roll down my face "It wasn't supposed to happen like this, you weren't supposed to be home when it did." I cried
"What's going on?" he asked
"Sara!" I whispered just as the door to the room we were in opened

Damons POV
I'ts been over an hour since Kaedyn was supposed to call me. I was pacing around Elenas living room pretty much losing my mind.

"I'm sure everything is fine." Elena said "She's probably just eating dinner or something." she added
"No!" I stated "There has to be something wrong, she knew to call me--she agreed to it." I kept pacing trying to think and coming blank "Somethings wrong, I know it."
"Well," Stefan began "I'll go with you to her house. I know you'll feel better once we know she's Ok."

It took Stefan and I less than a minute to get to Kaedyns house. I knew something was wrong before I even entered her room from the balcony. It was too silent and we both knew it. I eased open the unlocked patio door that led into her room. I stood in the threshold for a few seconds before fully entering her room.

"She's not here!" I stated
"Are you sure?" Stefan asked
"My powers are much stronger then your's little brother, but even you should know there isn't a soul in this house." I said walking over to the door that led to the hall. "Something's not right," I said with my hand resting on the knob. "No." I breathed
"What?" Stefan asked on alert
"Sara took her." I said
"But I thought her brother was home?" he questioned
"I shouldn't have agreed to this, even with Kaleb home." I said "I should've known better."
"We'll find her," Stefan said "We'll have Bonnie do a tracking spell."

We went back to pick up Elena and then went to the boarding house to wait for Bonnie and Ric. I blamed myself for Kaedyn being gone, if I only I hadn't agreed to let her go none of this would've happened.
End of Damons POV

The door opened and Sara walked in with a smile on her face.

"Look who's finally awake." she said looking at me "Now we can have some fun."
"Please, let Kaleb go it's me you want." I begged "He has nothing to do with this."
"Well, thats not an option now." she said kneeling infront of me "I was hoping that he wouldn't be there but it's too late now."
"Please!" I cried shurgling against the ropes I could feel around my wrists "Just let him go, I'll do anything."
"I'm sure you will." she said going over to Kaleb "But first, I want you to watch." she said pulling a knife out and dragging it slowly down the length of Kalebs right arm. His jaw was tight and I knew he was trying not to show how much it hurt him.
"Stop, please stop hurting him." I said
"This is just the begining." she said and plunged the knife into his leg and he screamed "I'll give you two a moment to say your goodbyes." she said turning for the door "Oh, wait its not fair for only Kaleb to be bleeding." she said and sliced the side of my face before walking out and closing the door behind her.
"Kaleb, I'm sorry." I cried looking at him bleeding knowing there was nothing I could do.
"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine." he said meeting my gaze "How did you know it was Sara?" he asked
"Damon told me." I said wishing I had listened to him
"Kaed, he's a vampire." he said
"How did you know that?" I asked shocked
"It doesn't matter, what matters is why is Sara doing this." he said
"I don't know why she's in on it but this whole situation requires a long explination. But the thing is you aren't supposed to be here it was only supposed to be me." I said
"What'd you mean?" he asked
"She's gonna kill me or whoever she is working with is going to." I replied looking down "They killed mom too." I whispered
"What, no she died in a car accident." he said
"No, they just made it look that way." I said

That when we could hear voices and footsteps getting closer to the door. I cringed knowing what was coming. I looked up at Kaleb and a thousand silent messages passed between us.

"Close your eyes." he whispered, I shook my head "Close your eyes." he said again with a nod and I complied "I want you to think of someone--anyone--and take yourself to them." he said
"What are you talking about?" I asked with my eyes still closed
"Just do it!" he said

Behind my eyes lids I let Damons features fill the darkness. "Damon." I whispered and let go of myself. I could hear voices and picked out Damons. I opened my eyes and I was in the boarding house.

"Unbelievable!" I stated looking around
"Kaed!" Damon called out and I could hear him running

I made my way down the hall way as Damon rounded the corner.

"Damon," I whispered "You have to help me." I said looking at him
"What's going on? How did you get here?" he asked
"I don't know, all I know is I'm not really here." I said looking around

Stefan, Elena, Bonnie and Ric came around the corner. Bonnie looked stunned and everyone else was speechless.

"What do you mean you aren't really here. I'm looking at you." Damon said confused
Bonnie answered his question "She's projecting herself." she said
"I don't have a lot of time, they're coming." I said I could hear what was going on in both places "Please help me Damon, they have Kaleb to." I said
"Where are you?" he asked trying to grab me but his hands passed right through me
"I don't know." I said trembling "Hurry!" I said and I was pulled back to my body

Damons POV

"What the hell just happend?" I shouted
"She's a witch!" Bonnie stated with utter astonishment.
"But, you would've known that." Elena said
"Theres a lot that needs to be discussed, but that'll have to wait till later," Ric said "We need to find Kaedyn and her brother first."

He was right we all knew it. In the stories about Kaedyns ancestors it never mentioned that any of them were witches. That revilation would have to wait till later to disect. I was still fuming over the fact that she was gone, it didn't matter that she had apparently ''projected'' herself here becasue I was still no closer to finding her then I had been ten minutes ago.

"Wait, Bonnie?" I said looking toward her "You could do a witch tracking spell or any tracking spell to find her." how could I have been so blind, it was an obvious thing with Bonnie being a witch that she could do a tracking spell. I wanted to stake myself for not realizing it sooner.
"A witch tracking spell would work a lot better, but I still need something that belongs to her." she said

I tried to think we were so far from her house to go and get anything and I didn't want to waste anytime. Then it hit me, she had left her diary and scrapbook here. I ran to my room and retrived them.

"Will these work?" I asked handing them to Bonnie
"Yeah, these will be fine." she said

We all waited anxiously while Bonnie prepared to do the spell. I hoped it worked.
End Of Damons POV

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