Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Enjoy =)

Chapter 15

I'm A What?

by: MiSS_CRiS
"It worked!" I stated in a whisper
"I know," Kaleb said "I could feel it."
"I don't understand," I was more then confused about what just happend and the voices outside the door grew louder.
"Don't worry about that right now," he said calmly. I didn't get why he was so...well, calm. I'm sitting here practically hysterical about this whole situation.
"We wont get out of this." I said knowing it was the truth. Just because through some miracle I was able to get to Damon, I knew the chances of him finding us were slim. I hadn't given him anything to go on.
"Don't think like that." he said shaking his head
"But its true, I went to Damon but what can he possibly do to help us I didn't give him any clue to where the he1l we are." I said frantic
"Well lets see, your boyfriend is a vampire and one of your bestfriends is a witch." he said thoughtful "I'm pretty sure that if he hadn't figure out you were gone before you went to him then he obviously knows now which means he'll have called Bonnie and she can do a tracking spell."
"How do you know all these things?" I asked
"We'll talk about it later." he said and Sara walked in again
"So have we said our goodbyes?" she asked
"Screw you!" I said through clenched teeth "Why are you prolonging the inevitable, just ki1l me and get it over with you pyschopathic b/i/t/ch." I hissed
"Hmmm, I pegged you for a fighter not someone who'd give up so easy." she said as she paced the room
"Well I'm not about to sit here and beg for my life if that's what you were hoping for." I said "Do what you have to do, but leave him out of this." I said nodding toward Kaleb
"We're in this together Kaed." he said
"Why do you care what happens to him?" Sara asked "You haven't spoken to him in months."
"That doesn't matter," I said in a small voice "He's my brother."
"Well, not to worry. I don't plan on kil-ling him--yet. I want him to watch what I'm going to do with you." she said kneeling next to me "I've also heard some rumors about the bonds between sibling witches especially twins."
"I don't know what you're talking about." I said pointedly looking away from her. "I'm not a witch." Though now I wasn't too sure especially after what just happened.
"Ohh, of course you are sweety. Just like your brother and....your mother." she said--cue shock

Damons POV

I feels like it's been an eternity since Bonnie started on the tracking spell and nothing has happened. I swear these things are supposed to happen quickly.

"What's going on?" I asked irritated "Why is it taking so long?"
"I don't know, I can't get a fix on her." Bonnie replied
"What does that mean?" Elena asked worried
"It's like something is blocking me from finding her." she said
"Well try harder!" I shouted frustrated
"Damon, you need to calm down." Ric said placing a hand on my shoulder
"You want me to calm down?" I asked "It's my fault that she's gone and you want me to ''calm down''."
"It isn't your fault, you couldn't have possibly known that this was going to happen." he said
"We all knew this was going to happen." I said "I just didn't think it was going to happen tonight."

I couldn't take not knowing where Keadyn was and knowing that there was nothing I could do to help right now was seriously pis/sing me off. I hated feeling hopeless. All I knew was when we found her I'd ki1l every single person who took her--saving Sara for last. I'd take my time with her--she deserves to suffer.
End of Damons POV

"How do you know that?" I asked
"Because she was my half-sister of course." she replied "My mother was pregnant to me when she met my step father. They had your mom a year after I was born."
"How can you do this," I asked "If we're your own flesh and blood?"
"Believe me it's not that hard." she shrugged "I did it with your mom too." she walked around the room with a thoughtful expression. "She was always the favorite doing everything right. She was the perfect child and I was just tossed on the side like a piece of trash."
"So you're doing this as some kind of revenge thing?" Kaleb asked
"Something like that," she shrugged "But it's mostly because of what I've been promised." she said
"And what would that be?" I asked
"Eternal life!" she stated.

OMG this chick wanted to be come a vampire. I knew our time was running out. Talking wasn't going to put everything off for long.

"Can we get things moving my paticents is running out." I said "So if you're going to torture and kill me just get it over with."
"Why are you rushing my dear?" she asked placing a hand on my cheek "I planned on taking my time, but if you insist." she shurgged walking out of the room.

A moment later she returned with a little bag. She placed it infront of Kaleb and opened it.

"I'll let you choose what I'm going to use first." she said--he looked away staring at the wall "You don't want to pick? Okay then, let the fun begin." she said

I don't know how long she tortured me with razor blades, staright edge knives, matches, lighters and a whole bunch of other things. I could tell she was getting frustrated because no matter what she did--I didn't scream. Tears were rolling down my face and I was covered in blood. I tried not to look at Kaleb cause everytime Sara would make a slice he would flinch like he too felt it.

I wished I could just pass out. Sometimes I would but it would just be for a few short minutes. I guess an easy death would've been to kind on Saras part. Every injury she inflicted on me wasn't anything close to being fatal.

"This is starting to bore me, do you have any last words before I kill you?" she asked
"Only four!" I stated and closed my eyes.I wasn't strong enough to go to him, but I would send what I could "I love you, Damon." I whispered

I felt the blade pierce my heart but it didn't hurt. I got one final look at my brother who looked like he was screaming but I couldn't hear a thing. I hoped he knew how sorry I was and that I loved him.

Then my world turned black.

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