Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Mystic Love (A Damon Salvatore Love Story)

Enjoy =)

Chapter 16


by: MiSS_CRiS
Damons POV

Bonnie has been at the tracking spell for hours now and we still haven't gotten any where. Just when Bonnie thought she had it, it was gone. Thats when I heard her.

"''I love you, Damon.''" It was only a whisper but I knew I heard it.

I searched the house wondering if maybe she was able to project herself--nothing. Then it was like my world shattered. The pain was so uniamginable that it couldn't be real. It was tearing and pulling me in all different directions. I feel to my knees holding my chest. She was gone; I could feel it. Stefan rushed to my side placing a hand on my shoulder.

"What's wrong?" he asked I could hear the strain in his voice--he had never seen me like this.
"She's gone!" I choked out
"That's why we're trying to find her." I knew he was confused
"No, I mean ''gone'', like truly gone." I felt the tears run down my face.
"I'm getting something!" Bonnie called out from the other room, but it didn't matter cause it was too late.

Stefan pulled me to my feet and led me to the other room.

"What happen?" Elena asked
"What have you got?" Stefan asked avoiding the question
"What happen?" she asked again
"Kaedyn is gone." he said looking at her
"She's dead and it's my fault." I whispered
"What do you mean she's dead?" Elena asked
"I felt it," I said looking over at Bonnie "I'm right aren't I Bonnie, whatever you're getting isn't from her is it?"
"No, it's from her brother." she replied only answering the second part of the question. "Oh my god," she gasped "This can't be right!"
"What, what is it?" Ric asked
"They're at the house," she said
"What house?" he asked
"Kaedyns!" she stated
"No, we searched the house." Stefan said "There was no one there."
"Not in the house," she said "Under it!"

I was out the door before anyone else spoke. Stefan got to her house just a few seconds after I did. We searched the whole first floor and there were no doors that led to a basement.

"Maybe the back yard," Stefan said "Some kind of bomb shelter or something."

We walked around the back yard and found something like a trapdoor. It opened with ease and made no sound. I decended the stairs with Stefan right behind me.

"When we find them I want you to take Kaed and her brother back to the boarding house," I said "I'll deal with Sara!"

He said nothing so I knew he'd do as I asked. At the bottom of the stairs was a long corridor that led back toward the house. There was only one door at the end. I could hear Kaleb's screams as they echoed down the hall. It was like a piercing blow to my heart only hearing two heart beats.

I pulled out the stake that I had hidden in my jacket pocket. If there were any vampires in there they'd go down first. Stefan and I made a quick and silent approach to the door. He kicked it open and when Sara looked up at me she seemed shocked. Looking past her my eyes rested on Kaedyns life-less body.

"Who are you?" she asked--my eyes snapped back to Sara "What are you doing here?"
"I'm here to kill you!" I stated and lunged at her

She was no vampire but the stake did the job. A quick death was too kind on my part but that didn't matter--I wanted her dead and gone; now she was. Turning around I walked out of that god forsaken room. I would never set foot in it again though I knew that the images would be burned into my mind forever.

When I got back to the boarding house I could hear Kalebs heart broken cries. I knew he lost a sister but he didn't know true heart break. After Katerine I never thought I would ever love again but I did and now it was gone. I would never be the same again and there was nothing in this world that could change that. Looking up at the sky the darkness began to fade away as dawn aproached. My heart was shattered and all I wanted was for the pain to go away. I reached for my ring wanting so bad to just take it off and let the sun finish me off--there was no moving forward for me.

Kaedyns final words echoed in my ears as I began to slip the ring off. A thousand images of here face, eyes and smile flashed in my mind. I stopped just as the ring reached the tip of my finger. I was not weak and I would not let this defeat me. She would want me to live and go on with my life. Because of my love for Kaedyn I would do just that.


I know its short, but I got stuck with this chapter. I'll try and make the next one longer and post it up as soon as I can along with the rest of my stories...

ps: comments are greatly appreciated...wen i read all the awesome things u girls say it inspires me to write...if u arent a comment leaving person it all g as long as u enjoy what i write =)

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