Distant Lives ( a vampire story) Chapter 3 & 4

heyy guyssss here's the 3rd and fourth chapter! enjoy!

Chapter 1

Waking Up In Vegas

I kept walking on that cloudy subzero night.
~3 years later~
I woke up. I was in an alley. Ewww I smell like garbage. I got up and dusted myself off. I couldn't remember what I had done last night. I was reading Wuthering Heights that part where Heathcliff was about to do...something. Then I fell asleep. That's not unusual now-a-days. I'm soooooo tired these days. I'm surprised I haven't been exposed in ...is this Vegas... yeah this is Nevada. I pulled out a shabby piece of paper from my pocket. I looked at my mom. I cpuld just stare at her for hours and be amazed as I was right now. My mom was unique, she had something about her that made me ALWAYS remember her. Oh well. I put the shabby paper in my pocket. I walked. I walked for miles. And miles and miles, changing the city scene for a more tranquil forest scene. It was sooo comforting o see some trees again. It's hard not to get used to them after walking in the forest for the past three years. I'm heading towards Washington. I liked it there. It was easy not to be noticeable. And there was good game there. Mountian lions, grizzlies... mmmmm. Well I'll wait a little bit longer. I kept walking but then I noticed a strange yet veryyy familiar scent. I focused a little more. It was a vampire scent. Ohmygoshh! Realyy???!!! I hadn't met a single vampire in yearsss! This is exciting! Oh wait.....I AM half human half vampire..... That can only mean one of two things. I'm either going to get killed or... well yeah I'll get killed anyways.

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