Italian nights

Italian nights

Somewhere, in isreal, a theif's story is to be told, and Altair's quest begins:
Some videos for Ezio!
This is also an assassin's creed fanfic, but this one features Ezio, instead of our beloved Altair. Let the sun slink behind the hills, and the Italian nights begin!

Chapter 1

In the beginning

by: The_theif
Renaissance era.

It was one of the only days that I can remember from my childhood. Christmas day. I remember sitting by the fireplace, and clapping my hands with joy as my father placed the black bundle of fur in front of me. My smile fell as I got a good look at the young pup. Ever since I saw Anna-Maria parading down the street with her two poodle puppies, I'd been begging my parents for a dog. And now I finally had gotten one. But this one wasn't pretty like Anna-Maria's poodles. This one was black, with white markings on it's lower jaw, brow, chest, and paws. It's fur wasn't curly and bouncy like Anna-Maria's poodles. My chubby little toddler fingers reached out and stroked the dog's fur. It felt smoother than silk, and I liked it. More than the curly hair of the poodles.Even more so, it was a boy. It's small toothless mouth stretched and yawned, and it's turquoise eyes opened. My smile returned. Even though this was not the dog I had wanted, i would accept it. It was my dog, and my dog alone. I named it Infinito. Infinito meant "Infinite". I named him that because I decided we would be together forever. because we were meant to be together. because that was destiny. The dog crawled into my lap, and my small arms embraced the dogs warm presence.
but childhood passed so quickly, and I can only remember a few things from the past. Another day I remember playing with a boy. We used to be best friend. His name was Ezio. Ezio audiotore da Firenze. I remember running down the stone streets with him, arms outstretched like an eagle, Infinito by my side. me and his family were very close. But time slowly stretched, and the visits between the audiotore family and our own became more rare and rare. I had all but forgotten about Ezio, Which made it all the more crushing when I was told that they were executed. I remember crying into my mother's warm arms, Infinito whimpering by my side. I
Other girls, like Anna-maria, would never let me play with them. I always played in the mud with the boys. I remember the lights that lit up the streets, and the bards that played the warm familiar sound of the lute. I had an interesting and unusual childhood. Which is probably what led me to be such an unusual person.

However, the girl's childhood became nothing but a faint memory, and all but a few memories remain. She had grown to be a strong, independent, courageous, and sometimes stubborn woman, and her faithful companion followed suite. Not all that much has changed in the past few years, and Anna-maria remains her enemy still. Diana has no idea what is about to happen. She has no idea that Ezio remains alive. She has no idea of the role she will play in the world.

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