Seven Minutes In Heaven

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Chapter 1

The Only Chapter In This Story! (crowd clapping)

by: MirMirHir
"I am so bored..." sighed Courtney, lying on her back on a bed in the Killer Bass cabin. Duncan, Harold, Heather, Owen, Bridgette, Cody, Liana (XD), Gwen and Geoff were also in the cabin, lazily sitting around.

"Why don't we play a game?" Bridgette suggested with a shrug.

"Ooh,ooh," piped up Lina excitedly. She looked over at Cody and smiled. "Let's play Seven Minutes In Heaven!"

Geoff grinned, thinking of Bridgette. "Fine with me."

"I'm in."

"Ah, what the heck, me too."

"This will be fun!"


So, the campers wrote down the names of the guys on slips of paper and put them into a hat. Then, they wrote the names of all the girls and put those in a seperate hat.

"Ok, I'll go first." Duncan said smugly. He reached into the girl hat and all of the girls sat tensly - some wishing they'd get to spend 7 minutes with Duncan, some... not so uch. Finally, he chose a piece of paper and pulled it out of the hat.

"Bridgette." he read, and him and Bridgette were given a flashlight, walked into the closet and shut the door behind him.


Bridgette and Duncan stood nervously for a few seconds before Duncan started. Bridgette held the flashlight, pointing it upwards so that she

"Ok, Bridgette. Here's the thing. I only agreed to play this stupid game to get in here with-"

"Courtney, yeah, yeah, I know."

"Well, yeah. And since I don't want to make Courtney hate me even more by kissing other girls..."

"I see. So, we have 7 minutes to kill without any kissing."

"No..." Duncan smirked. "I mean, we have to stop 30 seconds before 7 minutes is up, and pretend we didnt do anything."

Bridgette blushed, but she grinned. She went close to Duncan, and their lips pressed together delicatly.

"Quietly..." Bridgette breathe with a giggle, as Duncan kissed her more passionatly.


"Oh, I wonder what they're doing in there," Courtney said nervously, looking intently at the closet. It was 5 minutes into Bridgette and Duncan's 7 minutes, and not a sound was coming out of the closet.

"Yeah, Courtney, I wonder.." Gwen said rolling her eyes. "They're either making out like pigs, or-"

Liana coughed. "We don't wanna scare the pants off of her, Gwen."

"I wonder what that dude is doing to her.." Geoff gulped. He, too was nervous, and sat beside Courtney watching the closet door with her.

"As I said before, either making out with her furiously or -"

"OK THATS ENOUGH!" Courtney cried.


Duncan and Bridgette, locked together, heard Courtney's voice yell outside.

"Is our time up?" Bridgette asked, scratching her head and fixing her hair.

"I guess..." Duncan shrugged. The two quickly straightened themselves up and finally turned the flashlight off and opened the closet door.


Owen was the first to talk as Bridgette and Duncan stepped out of the dark closet "SO? How was it?"

Duncan shrugged. "We just talked."

"So, no making out?" Geoff asked intently.

Bridgette giggled. "No, Geoff. We both agreed to start the night off with the people we wanted to make out with."

Cortney rolled her eyes and concentrated hard not on blushing. "Next person, please?"

"Oooh ohh ME ME!" Liana cried, thrusting her hand in the air as if she were in a classroom and waiting for the teacher to call on her. She skipped over to the boy's hat and crammed her hand in, taking the first slip of paper her hand touched.

"OOOOH Cody!" She squealed, trying to contain her excitement. Before Cody could do anything or show any emotion, Liana grabbed the flashlight, and took Cody by the hand, dragging him into the closet and shutting the door.


I'm gonna let Liana dream up what happens in the closet with Cody by herself... XD


Finally, the 7 minutes were up. Courtney, who was the time-keeper, called the two out of the closet, and they both returned from the closet, looking happy.

"Ok, who wants to go next?"

"Uh, I will," Harold shrugged. He quickly picked a girl name and read it out loud.


This made Courtney almost throw up. "Oh well... I uh, can't right now Harold, I need to... to... teach someone how to do the time-keeping job before I play! Yeah..."

Harold shrugged again, putting the name back into the hat. He picked another one.


"Eurgh!!" Heather cried.

Courtney laughed. "Rules are rules, Heather. Have fun!" She said, tossing an excited Harold the flashlight. Heather looked evily at Courtney.

"You will pay, little goody-two-shoes fishy girl," she growled, before walking into the closet with Harold.


Harold and Heather walked into the closet and the door shut behind them. Heather flicked on the flashlight, and set it on the floor facing upwards, floooding the crampt little closet with light.

"So, uh..." Harold began.

"Don't expect me you get near you, creep."

"I'll pay you 5$."












"Um..... ok I'll give you my platinum Star Wars collection"

Heather's eyes lit up. "Pl..platinum Star Wars colection?"

"Yeah, great condition."

"Really? You'd give that to me if I made out with you??"


"You are really deperate.... but gosh... there' nothing I wouldn't do to get the epic adventures of Obi Wan Kenobi and Princess Leiya on premium PLATINUM movie viewing!"

Harold was stunned. He didn't expect Heather to be a Star Wars fan, but whatever. Heather didn't have to know just yet that Harold actually didn't own a platinum disk set, nor would he probably ever. He could tell her AFTER they made out.

"Pucker up, geek!"

** o_o **

"Oh,that was disgusting. I can't wait for my platinum Star Wars set..."

"Uh, yeah, about that.." Harold said, heaving and sitting on the ground. Poor guy had been tired out from kissing. "I don't actually own a platinum Star Wars set."



Seven minutes passed dully. Courtney began counting the strands of hair on Bridgette's head, as Gwen read from a magazine lazily. Liana chewed gum, remembering her heavenly minutes with Cody. Owen sat thinking of food, while Duncan thought about a plan to steal some food from Chef's fridge. However, about 6 minutes in, a scream could be heard from the closet. It sounded like Heather screaming, and the closet door pthen promptly was opened, and Heather stormed out. Harold loking like the happiest guy in the world and Heather looking like she was ready to kill someone.

"I am going to KILL you, you dirty little retarded fu-" Heather began, steaming with anger.

"Well, I guess I'll go now," Courtney interrupted, trying not to let Heather ruin the game. "Here, Bridgette, you can keep time. Here's the stopwatch, press this button to start the timer, this button to stop it, and this button to reset. It's automatically set to 7 minutes, so just press start then wait for it to beep. Then call the two out."

"That wasn't very complex, Princess, you need better excuses." Duncan said, rolling his eyes and sitting lazily. Courtney shot him a mean look, then put her hand in the hat and drew out a name. She looked down at it, and her eyes widened.

"Oh that reminds me, I left a casserole in the oven, gotta go get that-" she said. It was the first excuse that came to her head. All Courtney knew was she would do anything to get out of spending 7 minutes alone with the person she had chosen. Courtney ran to the cabin's door, trying to escape, but Owen blocked it.

"Oh, no, you can't escape once you've pick someone out of the sacred hat!"

"But, but..."

Bridgette got up and grabbed the piece of paper out of Courtney's hand. "It's only 7 minutes, Courtney. And we all know Chef wouldn't let you cook a casserole, anyways." Bridgette glanced down at the paper and giggled. "Hehe, it's Duncan! But don't worry, he's a great kisser- oh uh... or so I've heard."

Gwen sat on the bed curiously "Ths is so weird, it's almost like some teenager WROTE this! I mean, Duncan and Courtney in 7 minutes of heaven together... how odd! Like, that would only happen if this had been dreampt up in the messed up head of some bored girl!"

Courtney ignored the talk of the campers. Her mind buzzed with ways of getting out of this, while meanwhile Duncan's mind buzzed with excitement and "oh finally I get to make out with Courtney" thoughts, as he smiled.

Courtney faked a cough. "Oh, looks like I'm sick, I don't wanna infect Duncan."

Duncan knew how to tick Courtney off, so he did. He faked a cough, too. "Oh, I'm sick too, Princess, so you don't hve to worry about contaminating me."

Courtney groaned. "Well um, I'm using my free life, then. I'll pick another name."

"Thee aren't any free lives. Rules are rules, fishy!" Heather grinned evily. This made Courtney groan.

She stared at Duncan, picking up the flashlight. "If you touch me, I'll kill you."

"But you have to kiss, RULES ARE RULES!" Heather cried. She was on a roll to make Courtne miserable now.

"But Duncan and Bridgette didn't kis-"

"Yeah well, the must-kiss rule hadn't been properly defned then. Now, go on, you ugly little salmon, or whatever fish you are."

"But, but, but, but, but!!!!!" Courthey studdered, thinking. "But, I have.. I HAVE CLAUSTROPHOBIA!"

"RULES ARE DAMN RULES!" scremed Heather.








".........................I DONT CARE, RULES ARE RULES!


"I'm out of excuses.............."

"Hahaha, I win, have fun, fishies."

Courtney didn't bother fighting back anymore. She stomped into the closet and Duncan followed cooly...


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