A thing i wrote for my ex girl friend Tamera

i wrote a poem thing for my ex. dont think its real good but tell me what u think?

Chapter 1

A thing i wrote for my ex

by: Ryan_Day
I remember back when we were young,
Every word I tried to say, would get stuck on my tongue.
Because every time I looked at you my heart felt like it sprung.
But now I see you walk away, whatever b!!tch, I'm done.
With the stress, all the fear, and every kind of pain.
The fights, the tears, and all your words of blame.
But still I care so much, I would do it all again.
Even though I already know how we will end up.
Still I'll pray to God for just a little bit of luck.
It's like since I've lost you, I'm lost too.
Suffering with the words that I already knew, were'nt true.
You should be sorry for the trouble that you put me, and my heart through.
And making up stories of things that you knew you would never do.
But there I was praying that you'd come back to me,
Hoping you'd remember me, please give us another chance.
I'm needing it like a lung you see, a breath of fresh air, but only if you're here.
I hope it's not too much, to ask for her touch.
I know I messed up, but then she fvcked up.
And now were both choked up.
But the silence speaks the truth, what happened to me and you?
But I guess when it comes to love, somebodys gotta lose.
At first, it was me who lost. you said you did'nt care.
But this time you finish last, cause you know I wont be there.
But your pain I will bare, because I still care.
Although you cant spare, your love for me here.
You know it's fvcked up, aint it?
But ill still stare,
Off into space, and wish I'd disappear.


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