Another Jacob Black Love Story...Damn!!!(Sequel)

I'm so happy with comments. As you know I've decided to make it a story. Check weekly because that's when I'm posting them. If I don't post within a weeks time please message me. Thanks to the people who commented on my quiz. Please comment I really like to read them.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Nyobi21
(We got married a month later. I am now Mrs. Sydnie Camille Black. I like it; it kind of has a ring to it. Speaking of the ring it’s beautiful. We got married on the beach. I had the most awesome wedding with all my friends. I’ve never been so happy in my life. Aaron and I still talk. He didn’t fire me thank god. He actually is dating Debbie. I know right. I’m so happy for them. They deserve each other. Like I deserve Jacob and he deserves me. We are such a cute together.)
(We have our hard times but we talk it out all the time. He drew a new picture me it’s cute. I think I look fine. Oh guess what? We are living in the cutest house ever. It’s close to La Push and Forks. We are moving in right now as a matter a fact. He comes behind me, and kisses my neck.)
Jacob: Baby we’re done.
Me: Great Mr. Black.
Jacob: (He smiles.) Mrs. Black how do you like it? I like calling you that.
Me: (I like him calling me that too.) I love the house.
Jacob: I knew it. (He pecked my lips.) Now let’s go make some babies. (He threw me over his shoulders, and ran us upstairs. Love is so beautiful. Don’t give up on it. It’s still waiting for you right now.)

(Few Months Later)
(Carlisle said I was early. I argued that my baby is probably like me and Jacob. God I’m in so much pain!! I feel like the baby is eating me. I’ve never been in so much pain in my life. I feel like someone ran me over with there car multiple times. Jacob here is trying to encourage me. He freaking failing now if he can take the pain away I would love him 10 times more.)
Jacob: Push baby. (I grabbed his hand and heard a crack.)
Me: I’m trying!! Goddammit!! I wish you were the one pregnant!! I hate you Jacob!! This is all your fault!!
Jacob: My fault!! (He looked shocked.)
Me: Yes you had to be so f(uc)king amazing in bed. (I smiled.)
Jacob: (He smirked.)I’m sorry I drive you crazy. (I looked in those dark chocolate eyes, and got lost in them. I felt like I just imprinted again. Then Carlisle ruined our moment.)
Carlisle: Come on you’re almost there.
Jacob: Push. (I pushed and I felt myself loosing consciousness. I pushed with all my might. The pain just vanished. I heard the baby crying. I smiled with all the sweat beading down my face. I saw darkness coming over me and I closed my eyes.)
(Carlisle said that Sydnie was too early to deliver. She was supposed to be only a month pregnant. I was worried what if the baby doesn’t survive? Or worst Sydnie doesn’t survive? I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s everything to me. Right now she’s delivering our child. She was sweating and looked weak. I encouraged her to push.)
Me: Push baby. (She grabbed my hand and broke them. Dammit that hurt like hell. She’s so glad she’s my imprint.)
Sydnie: I’m trying!! Goddammit!! I wish you were the one pregnant!! I hate you Jacob!! This is all your fault!!
Me: My fault!! (My fault what the hell! I didn’t do anything. I said let’s go make some babies and I meant it. Plus it takes two to tango.)
Sydnie: Yes you had to be so f(uc)king amazing in bed. (Yeah I know I’m the man. She smiled. Well that’s true I can’t say she’s wrong anyways.)
Me: (I smirked.) I’m sorry I drive you crazy. (I looked in her beautiful chocolate eyes, and got lost in them like a maze. It felt like we were the only ones here. It felt like imprinting again. It felt so amazing. Then Carlisle had to interrupt.)
Carlisle: Come on you’re almost there.
Me: Push. (She pushed. She pushed with all her might and she squeezed my hand tighter. I saw the baby come out. He cried. She smiled with all the sweat beading down her face. I got to hold the baby and I saw him. He looked like her. He was beautiful. I noticed I was crying. I smiled. I looked to Sydnie, but her eyes were closed. She’s probably tired, so I let her sleep. I looked at my baby boy, and his eyes were closed. Then that’s when I heard Sydnie’s EKG machine go flat. I was about to give the baby to Carlisle, but I felt my unnamed baby not breathing. The nurses came in helping Sydnie. I was torn between Sydnie and the baby. Sydnie’s my imprint, but the unnamed baby boy is my son. Which one do I choose? I looked at her and knew what I had to do.

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