He's Hot & I'm Cold

He's Hot & I'm Cold

The official "book" of He's Hot & I'm Cold, I will let ya'll know when a new chapter comes out! (In beggining, guys name is Ty, but from chapter 6 and up it's Trey)

Chapter 7


*****~Treys POV!~*******(PS, im making it so Saphire is special and can sleep, but she doesnt neccesarily have to, she only can if she wants to! gotta have special powers!)
As soon as Bella said that Spahire had been hurt, I took off running. I tried to control myself from changing, since I didnt want to barge in on her with out any clothes on. I bursted into the Cullens house. "WHERE IS SHE! IS SHE OK!" I screamed at Alice, who was sitting on the kithchen counter. "She's upstairs in her room, and she's going to be ok." she said calmly, but I didnt believe her, so i raced upstairs and pushed open her door. There layed the love of my life, looking like she was a cracked up piece of glass, so of course I fainted, how manly.

****A lil later****
I was floating in darkness, but suddenly I heard voices.
"Do you think he's going to be ok?" That voice sounded so sweet, it had to be my Saph.
"Of course, he merely just passed out."
"Well, should we slap him or something, cuz I'd be willing to do the honors."
"No, Rosalie, I think he's coming to. Trey, can you here me? Its doctor Cullen."
I opened my eyes, and Carlisle and Rosalie were staring down at me. I could see Saphire laying on her bed looking worried.The cracks that were in her skin seemed to have fade away. I stood up and walked to her side and got on my knees at the edge of her bed near her head.
"Baby, I'm so sorry about that, you just looked so bad."
"Well, I'm better niow, but you should really lay down, you look like ur gonna faint again." she said with worry in her voice.
"She's right," said Carlisle, "You should get some rest"
"Ok, I can sleep on ur couch I guess." I said.
Carlisle noded, and he and rosalie left the room.
I walked over to Spahires couch, but she grabbed my arm before I could move. Even tho I could tell she was weak, er grip was still vry strong.
"Trey, the couch isnt very comfortable, if you'd like you could sleep in my bed with me." she said.
"Are you sure Saph?" I asked her.
She nodded, so i walked over to the bed and slid under the covers right next to her.
"Would you tell me what happened?" I asked her, whispering in her ear.
She sighed, "Trey, can we talk about this later?"
I nodded, "OK, but you'll have to tell me eventually.
She began to nod off, so I drapped my arm over her and she snuggled closer to me, and we both fell aslpeep.......

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