A Percy Jackson Love Story

The characters in the book are used, but the actual plot line regarding certain things will not be included and will not affect the story. When the story takes place, Luke is gone, Thailia is with Artemis, etc. You, Percy, and Annabeth are all 16. I thought making your parent Athena would add some drama. This particular story will be written in the first person.

This is your info:
Name: Stephanie Brown
Age: 16
Greek Parent: Athena

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I woke up to the regular sounds of the hustle-and-bustle of Camp Half-Blood. My brothers and sisters telling me to get up and calling me lazy, saying its almost time for breakfast. I forced myself out of bed and got dressed. We all proceeded down to the tables. I offered up a fat sausage for Athena. It passed quickly, and soon it was time to train.

After lunch, almost dinner

"Hey, Annabeth, I need a partner for practice," I said tossing her a helmet and sword.
She put on the helmet and said, "Okay, but you are going down!"
"No way. Prepare to be terminated," I said in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice.
I fought, the sound of swords hitting each other echoed. Each time I had an advantage, Annabeth would get right back in there. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Percy watching us, but I didn't let that phase me. I let it make me better. So I fought harder. Striking with more force. One thing about kids of Athena is that they sure are determined, we were both glaring at each other through helmets, determined to make the other fall. Strike after strike, neither of us fell. I had a cut on my arm, Annabeth had a scratch on her leg, but we kept going. She let her guard down for one second, leaving an opening to my right, I seized it. All in a split-second I stepped forward, twisted around her, grabbed her sword, and held them at her throat. "Yeah!" I said.
She huffed and said, "Rematch tomorrow."
"It's on!" I said tossing her back her sword.
Percy came up to us. "That was quite a fight. It took you half an hour," he said looking at his watch.
I smiled and said, "It was. And that made it even sweeter when I annihilated her."
"As if," Annabeth said pushing my shoulder before walking away to go do gods know what.
It was just me and Percy then. It was awkward, especially for me.
"So.....those were some awesome moves," he said in an effort to make small talk.
"Yeah..." I said. Inside my head, I was screaming at myself for acting like Silena and her sisters. While in the midst of screaming at myself silently, I noticed my cut. It was deep and bleeding a ton.
"Here, let me help," he said. He grabbed my hand and took me down by the lake. He gently put my arm in the shore and touched my cut. It healed.
"Thanks," I said looking up from my cut to his face. I had to force myself not to get lost in his eyes. I bit my lip and gave a weak smile.
"Steph," he whispered.
"Yeah?" I said - I could feel my heart beating, trying to burst out of my chest. Then I realized how disgusting that would be.
"Have I ever told you how pretty you are?"

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