A Percy Jackson Love Story

The characters in the book are used, but the actual plot line regarding certain things will not be included and will not affect the story. When the story takes place, Luke is gone, Thailia is with Artemis, etc. You, Percy, and Annabeth are all 16. I thought making your parent Athena would add some drama. This particular story will be written in the first person.

This is your info:
Name: Stephanie Brown
Age: 16
Greek Parent: Athena

Chapter 18

I Can't Believe I'm Looking for the girl who tried to kiss my boyfriend..


Well, Percy and I were all snuggled up, and I realized just how ridiculous my life was. Not the fact that I was a demigod, but the fact that I was looking for my half-sister, who tried to KISS my boyfriend. I'm not sure how you do things, but in America, that is most definitely frowned upon.

The taxi dude kept glancing back at us with a smirk, it's not like we were going to do it or anything. Sheesh. A girl can't snuggle with her boyfriend now? I mean really, it's crazy. But oh well, the guy was some creepy Indian dude with a weird mustache, so he was already CLEARLY crazy.

So, being as awesome as I am, decided to ignore him and take a nap. When I start dozing off, I can say some pretty random things, and I'm sure this is no exception. As I muttered, "I want pie," as I fell asleep on Percy's shoulder.
"I'll get you some pie," he softly said laughing, running his fingers through my hair.

2 Hours Later (The guy was a slow driver. We could have gotten there faster with a goat)

"You're here," the guy muttered with his thick Indian accent making him hard to understand, so after Percy woke me up I just nodded and smiled, well attempted it, since he was rather irritating.

So now we come to the next problem. I'm in the middle of San Francisco, a city which I have never stepped foot in, which my boyfriend, and we are pretty much broke. And I feel like every corner I turn an evil hobo will jump out at me and ask for cheese.

"Where the heck can we get a map?" I asked, straining my neck to look around me. Percy and I were walking with our hands intertwined, and were freaking lost. So much for being a daughter of the goddess of wisdom, though, it wasn't really wisdom that could get me around here. It was smartness, and knowledge of the area. Though, being a daughter of the goddess of directions (if there was one) would've come in handy.

"You wanna buy my fruit?" a little fat man said, in a thick New Jersey accent, along with the accent old people get. He was holding a watermelon in my face, and clearly a hobo. And not to mention he smelled foul.

"Umm, no thank you," Percy said pushing me around him and rolling his eyes.

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