A Percy Jackson Love Story

The characters in the book are used, but the actual plot line regarding certain things will not be included and will not affect the story. When the story takes place, Luke is gone, Thailia is with Artemis, etc. You, Percy, and Annabeth are all 16. I thought making your parent Athena would add some drama. This particular story will be written in the first person.

This is your info:
Name: Stephanie Brown
Age: 16
Greek Parent: Athena

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"I don't think it's come up," I whispered, unable to find something "cool" to say.
He cupped his hands around my face and kissed me. It was truly, AWESOME. Our lips are the perfect match, as if they were made for each other. Each of us with the same amount of passion. After about a minute or two we slowly split apart.
"That was nice," I said.
"Agreed. How about we go back before Mr. D goes nuts."
"Isn't he already nuts?"
"Nuts for him, I mean," he said. He stood up, offered his hand and helped me. I couldn't help but smile the entire time.
"How about one more?" I said.
"One more what?" he asked grinning.
"One more of these..." I said. I kissed him to demonstrate.
"I don't mind," he said.
And so we kissed- my arms wrapped around his neck, his arms wrapped around my waist, by a pond, at sunset, in the middle of forest, alone. It was perfect.

The next day
"Hey you," Percy said walking up to me.
"Hey," I said, I was practicing with one of my brothers.
"Annabeth is looking for you. Something about a rematch," he said raising his eyebrows.
"I know, I didn't forget," I said. I waved bye to my brother as he grabbed my hand and led me to Annabeth.
"I don't remember this being public," I said, motioning my head to the crowd of various people. "Even Clarisse is here."
"You'll do fine."
I sighed, grabbed my armor and sword and met Annabeth in the middle.
"Ready to be annihilated?" I asked, adding, "Again?"
"Bring it," she said rolling her eyes.
I could hear Clarisse mutter something about stupid Athena daughters, always over-prided, and I scoffed at her use of the words over and prided. Knowing she was not the brightest bulb. The Stoll brothers waved a flag, they, I'm guessing, stole, signaling the start.
Annabeth striked first.

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