A Percy Jackson Love Story

The characters in the book are used, but the actual plot line regarding certain things will not be included and will not affect the story. When the story takes place, Luke is gone, Thailia is with Artemis, etc. You, Percy, and Annabeth are all 16. I thought making your parent Athena would add some drama. This particular story will be written in the first person.

This is your info:
Name: Stephanie Brown
Age: 16
Greek Parent: Athena

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Her sword was aimed at my chest, but I easily deflected it. I struck my sword against hers, many times. I turned around, swung at her head, and turned back around. She swung back, returning the gift. I ducked easily. This went on for a while. Eventually, I was able to grab her sword, and point both at her neck.
"You have just been defeated. Twice," I said smiling tossing her back her sword.
She huffed and stomped away.
"Nice going," Clarisse said slapping me on the back.
"Ow, and thanks," I said.

After the excitement wore down. Sunset

I admit it, I was having fun snuggling with Percy. We were sitting by the pond, against a tree, at sunset. We kissed for awhile, then I fell asleep on his shoulder.

A Few Days Later

Annabeth was still mad at me. Well not mad, just pissed off slightly. Pissed off enough not to talk to me.
"I wish Annabeth would get over herself," I said.
"She can't help it. She's wired like that. She's used to being the best, and when's she's not...she gets.......angry," Percy said.
"I know," I said hugging him. "But I given her time to cool off. It usually only takes a day or two. It's never been four days before. What else could she be angry about?" I asked him.
"I don't know, Steph," Percy said.
I realized something in the back of my mind. "Percy?"
"I think she may like you......."

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