Boy Troubles

HI! Thanks for reading this... I'm fourteen years old, but I love to write. Most stories I write are inappropriate, so I chose a cleaner one so you all can tell me if I'm at all good.I'll continue if i get 5 positive responses.
Happy reading!

Chapter 1

The Breakup

"Oh great." I thought. "Chris is back to smoking." I was walking up to him because he had invited me to this restaurant. I'm Taryn, by the way. Chris is my boyfriend. At first I loved the bad boy ways, but now they are just plain annoying. He drinks, smokes, cusses at everyone, sneaks out, everything! I'm sick of it! And he stays grounded, so I know he snuck out to meet me here.
When I got over to him, he smiled and tried to kiss me. I moved my head so he instead kissed my ear. I have never kissed anyone before, and I really don't want to start with him, especially since he just smoked.
"Hey Taryn." Chris said.
"Hey." I replied, looking at the ground.
"Wanna cigarette?"
" Not really." I replied
Chris rolled his eyes and said, "Ok, fine. Its ok that your scared."
"I'm not scared!" I shouted.
"Ok, whatever." He replied, rolling his eyes.
It was then that I decided I was going to break up with him, hopefully tonight!
When we sat in the resturant, I said, "Chris, we need to talk about something."
Chris raised his eyebrows, and said, "Yeah, whats up?"
I took a deep breath, and just as i was ready to tell him, the waitor came up and asked us what we wanted. Chris told him to come back in a moment, and when the waitor was gone, i said, " I Think we need to take some time off."
"Did you just break up with me?" He asked incredulessly.
I fidgited in my seat for a moment, then said, "Sorta....."
Chris looked at me for a moment then started to look pissed.I was glad he was in highschool when i was in middle. That way he coulden't kill me and I could keep away from him. Chris got up and dragged me outside. When we got out, he got inches from my face, and said, "You will regret this if you don't take it back right now."
It was now I got the courage to say, "No I won't. I'll be the happiest girl alive."
He glared at me for a moment, then said, " Ok, if you say so." Then he walked away, leaving me in the parking lot.

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