New Life

New Life

This is a sequel to one of my previous stories:

Chapter 1

New day, New Life

by: The_theif
I stretched my arms in the warm sun, coming from the castle windows, a smile on my face, enjoying it's warmth. It was hard to believe I was just resurrected from death into this new life yesterday. Altair laid in bed, his face dug into his pillow. I gently leaned over him, having just risen out of his bed myself, and shook him gently.
"Altair." I whispered. "Get up."
"Nooo........" Altair moaned.
"C'mon, You lazy bum."
"I'm a happy lazy bum. Unless someone wakes me up." He yawned. "How 'bout you just come back...." He patted to just a little to the side next to him.
"Well, if I don't wake you up, Malik will." Altair's arms stretched in a big arch, his short black hair falling on his pillow.
"Alright. I'm up. Anything but Malik." But then he looked at me with sad eyes, and said "Are you sure we can't sleep a little longer?"
I rolled my eyes. "Fine." I sighed. "But only for a little longer." Then I hopped in bed next to him, and his arms curled around my waist. My arms reached around them, making sure that they don't ever let me go. A warm fuzzy feeling shot through me. Altair nuzzled my hair with his nose, and held me tightly. I turned to face him, and kissed his throat. Then I snuggled deeply under his chin. My hand flitted across his strong chest, feeling his scars, then down his abs, and then my hand went up to lay peacefully on his side. Altair hands ran through my hair, stroking it sweetly. Then my hands slid up and wrapped around his neck. I caressed the back his neck and head gently.
"That feels good." He murmured.
"hmmm..." I mumbled in agreement.It was hard to think straight with his arms around me. Altair chuckled under his breath.
"Just for a little bit?" he teased.
"Noo...." I moaned. I didn't want to get up anymore. I just wanted to cuddle with my Alty. I snickered to myself. Alty? Where did I come up with that? Oh well.
"What's so funny?" Altair asked. I snickered more, and between laughs, I gasped out the words.
"Can..." I snickered again. "Can I call you Alty?"
"No! The very thought of it! Alty?!" I laughed, and kissed him on the throat again. His eyes seemed to melt then, and he calmed a bit. I kissed him again, and this time on the cheek. He sighed contently, and his eyes started to close. I giggled obnoxiously, and a single finger came down upon his lips, and traced down the scar that went vertically down between them. "You know... I'm still awake..." He murmured.
"I figured. Your hard to catch asleep." a playful smile played across his lips.
"I don't suppose you want me to return the favor?" He whispered Huskily. I closed my eyes, preparing myself, and nodded. So he took my arm, just as he did so long ago, and traced his fingers across them. I held my breath, determined not to moan or shout, trying to contain myself. But then he pressed my arm to his lips, and kissed them deeply. I could feel his tongue gently brushing my scars. I moaned in pleasure, and his cold and calculating eyes flashed back to mine, deep and sexy. I looked back into them, my face in their reflection. I gasped again, as another shock of pleasure traveled through me. Finally, breathless, he released. I smiled. "I love that smirk of yours. So mischievous. What are you thinking?"
"That I have to repay the favor.." I whispered. Altair threw off the blankets, and laid down, taking a deep breath. I descended upon him, and down onto his muscled stomach, where scars were aplenty. I laid my head down on his hard abs, and traced my fingers about them, admiring them. Then I turned my head and kissed one of the thin, pink lines. Altair moaned, then bit his lip, in an effort to keep himself from making anymore noises. I held the kiss for as long as I could, and Altair gasped again, and my eyes shot up to his face, monitoring his reaction. Then I lifted my head, my lips gasping for air. Then I fell back onto him, my hair falling in curtains around my face as I kissed another scar. He gasped again, and I looked back up to him, not taking my lips off his scar. his eyes were glazed with what I guessed was pleasure and possibly lust. hid eyelids grew heavy, as I watched them close. I crawled atop him, my body pressed against his, as I leaned closer toward his face, and I whispered.
"Don't fall asleep... I don't think we're done here."
"Oh really?" he asked with a sexy smile, Then his eyes opened. "Allonia, could we?" I knew immediately what he was talking about, and I diverted my eyes. Altair's face fell, and he took my face in his hand,and forced me to look him into his eyes. I've wanted this for a long time, So why all the sudden was I unsure? "Allonia, please." he pleaded.
"Altair, I'm not sure."
"Why not?"
"Well...." I pondered, then the answers came to me. "We're not married yet. We're only engaged." Altair looked down. and pouted
"Well, we're getting married in three months. close enough, right?"
"Altair..." I whispered. "At first I was reckless. But after experiencing death, I want to do this the right way."
"Right away?"
"No, the right way."
"Oh." Altair said, and looked down at the floor, ashamed.
"Don't be sad." I whispered, and wrapped my arms around him. "Like you said, We're getting married in a few months."
His eyes shot up to mine, and then he said "And then you'll be mine?"
"Then you can have all of me."
Altair smiled, satisfied with his answer. "I hope you know though, that I don't like to be kept waiting."
"It's only one day. I'm sure you can handle it." Then he stood up, and began changing into his robes. I slowly mimicked his movements, sliding on my own uniform. I slipped out of my nightgown, and quickly slipped on the uniform. Putting on the outfit was actually somewhat like an art, or a puzzle, as you struggled to figure out what went on first. Even with three years of practice, I still had to switch a few things around when I thought I was finished. Altair would wait patiently, and I would ask if everything looked okay. and he would point out that something goes over here, and this layers this, and this crosses over that. Finally though, me and Altair were in matching uniforms, except that mine was more silver, while his was white. Leather spualders sat heavily on our shoulders, a red shash across our waist, throwing knifes hidden under the red silky sash, Swords on our hips, and finally, hidden blades at our wrists, mechanized killing machines, meant to retract and contract. Altair stared at me blankly. "What?" I questioned.
"I'll never get tired of how you look in that outfit. You just look amazing."
"Yeah. But you always look amazing."
"Is that what you think?"
"Yup. I'm the luckiest woman alive." Altair chuckled.
"But I did nothing to deserve someone like you. Fast, swift, deadly, beatiful-"
"I'm gonna stop you right there, Alty. I'm none of those things." Altair rolled his beautiful eyes. "What?"
"you called me Alty again."
"Sorry." I blushed.
"It's fine Allonia. There's nothing to apologize for." I let out a sigh of relief, and we began the agonizing journey down to the dining hall, where we'd face the greatest challange yet: The crowds of people waiting to congratulate us.

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