No one knows how their life will end...or when. No one can stop the inevitable. Death is always there and always will be. Unless you can stop it. Unless you're a demon. Unless you already are dead.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

"Father?" I whispered, slightly afraid of him hearing me. He looked up from the prisoner he was martyrizing and turned his harsh gaze upon me.
"What is it Celesta? Do you not see that I am working?" I cast my eyes away frome the wall of weapons to my left and looked at my father. I narrowed my eyes at him and spoke just as harsh as he was.
"Yes, Father, I do see that you are busy. I need to speak with you, though. Privately," I added. He stared at me long and hard watching for any more defiance. Slowly he lowered the metal stick he usually used to prod the fire with.
"Guards!" he barked. " Take the prisoner away now! And leave us as well." I glanced at the guards as they entered and took the captive, whose name is Daniel as I recalled, back to his cell. When we were completely alone, I began.
"I want to go top-side," I demanded. "Before you say a word, Father, I wish for you to listen to my reasons for wanting this." I look straight at him and finish giving my explanation.
"I need fresh prey, Father. I need better tasting, looking, and heathier prey to play with. And..." I smile when I see his confusion ease and then come back again.
"I will bring you the best I find." Turning away from him, I started toward the humongous doors behind me.
"Open the doors!" I scream at the guards outside. The doors swing wide open and I stride out, though slowly enough so that when my Father says," Celesta, I will let you go." A sly grin forms on my blood red lips.
"Thank you, Father. You will be pleased with the hostages I bring you." I turn for the last time and sprint out of the torture chamber and head to my luxurious room. When I get there, I pack any belongings I might need; including my Demonglass Sword, pure silver Mace, and Wooden Stake; and leave Hell for the last time until the War began.


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