The Revenge of the Potato Sensei

Welcome to my Potato Sensei story! This one is guaranteed to be just as awesome as 'The Revenge of the Purple Pen'. If you haven't yet read it, READ IT NOW!!!!! I would like to dedicate this story to heat_sasuke you know why ^^ Anyway, that's all I have to say so enjoy! XD

Chapter 1

The Start

Me: Ok, where should I start?
Interviewer: How about, at the beginning?
Me: Oh ok [sighs] So, there was a train, right? Just an ordinary train. Anything like you would see at Grand Central Station. We were going for a holiday, right?
Well, as we boarded it, we realised it was empty. No one else on on it
Interviewer: Empty, you say?
Me: Completly deserted of anyone else but me and my family
Interviewer: Was the driver there?
Me: Of course not. Didn't I just say there was no one on?
Interviewer: [coughs] Oh, sorry
Me: Anyway, I looked out the window to see that we were moving at a very fast pace through a mountain area. It didn't feel as if we were moving but we must have been because the train suddenly stopped in the middle of a high bridge over a wide river. Ok here's the weird part
Interviewer: Is this actually a true series of events?
Me: Well, it is if your interviewing me for an international TV show
Interviewer: Ok sorry [scratches head] I won't bother you anymore
Me: Ok, so the train had stopped. We were all wondering why, when the train just disappeared into thin air. We fell down, heading into the water and the water changed into lava. At this point we were screaming at an unbelieveable sound. I was nearly going deaf, let me tell you that right now. Well, as you might have not guessed, we fell into the lava, which didn't hurt because weird things were happening that day. In the process of falling continuously I got a message on my mobile. As I got it out of my pocket, I told my sister to stop screaming and get over it.
Interviewer: What did the message say?
Me: Well, this is the weird thing because it was from a number that didn't even exist. It said: 'Want to enter the land of the Potato Sensei?' At this point I was really angry. Partly because our holiday was over and partly because a random person had messaged me while I was falling through a big hole of lava. Do you know how hard it is to reply to a text when you're falling at a great speed? I eventually did it, with great difficulty though. As soon as I had sent it we stopped falling and were suspened in mid-air.
Interviewer: What did the text say?
Me: Oh, sorry about that. I replyed 'yes'. I didn't want to be stuck falling in a hole for the rest of my life. The lava just disappeared then and we were standing on top of a hill. Below us, strange creatures were walking around, talking to each other and doing kung-fu. Suddenly, one of those creatures walked up behind us and questioned me. "Are you Ash?" I said yes, and it grabbed my wrist with such force I had no choice but to go with it. I only knew two things. One, I was being dragged away from my family, and two, this thing wanted something from me that I didn't yet know.
Interviewer: What were your feelings at this point?
Me: I was scared

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