The Revenge of the Potato Sensei

Welcome to my Potato Sensei story! This one is guaranteed to be just as awesome as 'The Revenge of the Purple Pen'. If you haven't yet read it, READ IT NOW!!!!! I would like to dedicate this story to heat_sasuke you know why ^^ Anyway, that's all I have to say so enjoy! XD

Chapter 2

Meeting the Potato Sensei

Interviewer: Okay, so when the strange creature snatched you away, what happened next?
Me: Well, I was pondering over why I had actually ended up in this strange place, but at the same time, I remember biting the potato-based creature. The skin was tough and greasy, although it tasted quite nice. I kind of felt like eating it.
Interviewer: coughs Yes, so anyway continue.
Me: After walking and biting for at least five minutes, we stopped in front of an amazing structure. Oh, it was just magnificent.
Interviewer: Can you describe it for us?
Me: Sure. It was made out of some kind of shiny, metallic substance. There were decorations hanging from everywhere, every colour imaginable. I just couldn't believe my eyes. Sitting in the centre of the building was another of the creatures, except this one was larger and had a massive hat on, which made me chuckle. The potato thing cuffed me over the ears with a stick-like hand. I glanced over at it with an angry look, but it had no facial expression whatsoever.
Interviewer: Did you know at that point in time that the potato thingy was the Potato Sensei?
Me: No, not then. I actually got quite a fright when the Potato Sensei raised his head and looked me in the eye. I will never forget his expression; some kind of scared, disappointed look. I didn't know what he was feeling, but I had this strange sense of poetic justice.
Interviewer: What does that mean?
Me: Not sure.
Interviewer: Why did you say it then?
Me: To sound cool.
Interviewer: Oh. Okay then, carry on.
Me: Well, the Potato Sensei had this massive beard, right? A mustache also, but a massive beard. It was long and grey, about a metre long.
Interviewer: A metre?!
Me: Yeah, what's so fascinating about that?
Interviewer: Oh, nothing. It's a long story.
Me: Oh okay. Do you play badminton?
Interviewer: Yeah, why?
Me: You look like one of those badminton people. You know, badminton?
Interviewer: Uh, yeah. Would you like a glass of water?
Me: Sure. Always happy to drink water. [waits while interviewer gets water] taps toes and whistles tune.
Interviewer: Okay, I'm back now.
Me: I can see that. drinks water.
Interviewer: Okay, back onto the subject now, We have kept our fans waiting long enough. Wasted time talking about a subject that no one really cares about.
Me: I know right? Anyway, the Potato Sensei told me in a deep, booming voice: "Are you the one they call Rainbow Ninja?" I was startled at the pitch of his tone. It was so deep it actually hurt my ears. I replied: "I suppose so. But you can just call me Ash." The Potato Sensei clicked his tongue and shook his head. "We have been waiting for this day for a long time. Everyone! The Rainbow Ninja has arrived!"
Interviewer: Why do they call you Rainbow Ninja?
Me: Not sure. I guess it just suits my personality.
Interviewer: Personally, I think Potato Sensei Parody sounds better. It has more of a ring to it, you know, it sounds more awesome.
Me: ...............uh.................okay.......that was the most randomest thing anyone has ever said to me.....
Interviewer: coughs Please excuse me, I sometimes get that way.
Me: I'll say.
Interviewer: Why do we keep going off the subject here?!
Me: Calm down before you poke someone's eye out. Yeash.

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