The Revenge of the Potato Sensei

Welcome to my Potato Sensei story! This one is guaranteed to be just as awesome as 'The Revenge of the Purple Pen'. If you haven't yet read it, READ IT NOW!!!!! I would like to dedicate this story to heat_sasuke you know why ^^ Anyway, that's all I have to say so enjoy! XD

Chapter 3

Celebrating for an unknown reason

Me: The Potato Sensei seemed really happy to see me. He obviously called me 'rainbow ninja' for a reason.
Interviewer: Did you know at this point in time that-
Me: Spoiler! You can't ruin the ending! This is only the third chapter, so we can't give away every tiny piece of information!
Interviewer: Oh, okay. Sorry. Please continue.
Me: You got to stop saying that.
Interviewer: Please continue.
Me:Containing anger Well, I will continue, then. So, that night, we were invited to a party by none other than the Potato Sensei himself. It was held in a cave, with disco lights and food platters everywhere. Potato ninjas were dancing everywhere, but they looked really weird because they were potatoes. You don't see potatoes dancing everyday.
Interviewer: No, you don't.
Me: I was knocked out by a potato ninja whilst dancing in a crowd. Before I fell unconscious I heard someone shout: "Oh, no! I killed the rainbow ninja!" Then my world went black.
Interviewer: Scary, was it?
Me: Absolutely. I had no idea where I was when I regained consciousness. There was a strange high-pitched noise which made me writhe in painful agony.
Interviewer: Why would it do that?
Me: My ears are really sensitive. Whenever I hear something terribly high I can't help but be in pain. Eventually the sound stopped, but I had a suspected broken rib from hitting a chair. I writhed in pain some more even though I shouldn't have because my rib was probably broken. I hit the chair again by accident.
Interviewer: That's smart.
Me: Excuse me? I don't think the viewers appreciate sarcasm on national television.
Interviewer: Sorry Mrs.Varden but there's a chicken in your garden.
Me: O.o .......................uh...huh. Anyway, when I had finished writhing (such a funny word), I realised THE Potato Sensei was watching me all that time. I stood up with a start and hit my head on a low hanging shelf. I then had broken my skull. I think I did. Still, the Potato Sensei looked at me with an evil smile on it's face.
"It's time for you to be eliminated from this world."

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