HE"S MY NEIGHBOR.? ( justin bieber )

Your name is Rose. you live in the middle of nowhere in Toronto Canada. You're friends name is Marissa and April and Jake. You are fifteen going on sixteen soon. You are waiting 4 your new neighbors to arrive..... Then you here its Justin Drew Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

NO!! not him!!

You waited in your bedroom anxiously for your new neighbors to arrive. I hope they're not like four or something....! you think to yourself. Then you see a bmw come up the drive way. They're here!! You run down the stairs to see if there was anyone around your age. thats wen you saw him...!
It was your old friend from school!!.... JUSTIN BIEBER!! NOooooOOoo!! You have never spoken to him since he became famous... He went off on his world tour and you never heard from him again! you ran back up the stairs and peered out the window. You see him helping his mother Pattie bring in a few stuff to the house. You smiled, he was always willing to help anyone..... Stop!! You Hate him!!!
ok.... anyway you decide I may as well welcome "pattie" to the neighborhood. I get dressed into your Denim short shorts and light blue wavy top. I head down the stairs and out to the front.garden and down the cobbled path way.... I knocked on there big oak doors and waited for an answer. Someone came and answered the door... "Rose...." I looked up to see Justin staring at me with shock on his face. you gave him a fake smile.
"ya... It's me...!" He ran over and hugged me. I pulled away almost immidiatly. "Ah....? so you're my neighbor.?" I nodded. "cool"


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