Cowboy take me away

Chapter 1

the accident

I was waiting in the waiting room in the country hospital, just sitting there listening to the rain and figiting. The scene of the accident re-played its self in my mind over and over again.
"Lacie come on we're gonna be late!" I got in the pick up truck while the rain poured down like the angels themselves were balling in they could predict what was going to happen. "Momma, Daddy were are you taking us?" My big brother asked us, he was 18 and he stilled called them momma and daddy. "We are heading to Alabama for the weekend it will be fun!" It wasent going to be fun. Dad saw a deer and swearved, hitting an oak tree, knocked him out then the airbag broke his neck, he died so quickly. Then momma's airbag broke hers, she was looking at daddy, crying and screaming. Easton, my older brother, tried to protect me when the oak came crashing down on the top of the Ford. He saved my life but he couldent save his. I was the only one left....
"Miss Baker?" The docter asked me, snapping me out of the nightmare. "Im so sorry but your mother and father were killed instantly and Easton is fading fast he wont let go until he sees you, come with me please."
I got up and followed him into a hospital room where the best friend I had lied there, with a bloody face and magled body.
I rushed over to the side of his bed and wrapped my arms carefully around him sobbing into his Carthart jacket he was still wearing.
"Shhh its okay baby girl, its alright" He whispered in araspy voice that didnt sound anything like him.
"Dont leave Easton please dont" I was sobbing and I looked and he had tears in his pale blue eyes.
"I can see 'em Lacie, Momma and Daddy are waitin' for me." I felt his grip on my hand lossen slighly.
"Easton No!!" I held on to him "You have to hold on Easton!" His grip lossened even more.
"I can see God's face Lacie he wants me I have to let go." He turned his head and looked at me, the light leaving his eyes, he tightened his grip and kissed my cheek and whispered "I'll see you later baby sister I love you." and he slipped away, his grip lossened and I held onto his hand until it was as cold as ice. I sobbed until morning when they said Ihad to leave.
I was packing up my old things, I was sent to my momma's best friends house to live. She had it in her will. Her friend lived in South Carolina and I knew her but barley.
All of my things were in boxes and I stepped into my parents room, everything was as they left it, I walked into the closet and pulled out my momma's favorite necklace and slipped it around my neck, she said if anything ever happened to her I was going to get it. I found my daddy's favorite tie he wore every occasion and folded it carefully and slipped it into my purse. I walked out and went into Eastons room, I was already wearing his Carthart but I went in and got his leather wristband with my name carved into it and I slipped it onto my wrist and I got his PBR hat and put it on my head I dont care about the rest this is the stuff nobody else can have.
I walked out and saw my momma's friend, Mrs. Trotter, she looked at me and she gave me a motherly hug, I needed one so I hugged her back.
"How are you Lacie?"
"Im...hanging on I guess." I said as a rear escaped my eye.
"Im so sorry lacie, this must be terrible for you."
"Yha I guess it is, but they are in a better place now." I smiled slighly when I remembered Easton say I can see Momma and Daddy. But as soon as the thought left my mind I sank down to the floor and cried for about three hours all while Mrs. Trotter held me and I cried into her shoulder. After the fit of crying we loaded up the truck with all of my things and we set off for the two hours worth of driving ahead of us.

When I got to the house I was met with Mr. Trotter and their five kids. Yes five. She introduced each one.
"The youngest is Jason he is two years old" and absolutly adorable. "The next oldest is Allie shes aboutto turn four. The next oldest is Brooke shes fivegoing onsix. The second oldest is Heidi and shes eleven. And Hayden is the oldest he's fifteen" When I saw the oldest, Hayden my heart stopped, he was so hot. His dark blue eyes looked like saphires and his brown hair was slightly curly and short, He was about 5'10 and very muscled he was holding Allie and Jason while Brooke wrapped herself around his leg. I stepped out of the truck and went up to the family and I reconized Mr. Trotter he and his wife would come down alot to visit us. I gave him a hug and he introduced me to his kids. I said hi to all of them and looked around shyly.
"You have such a pretty place here." I said A rustic style house that was huge and had that classic southern charm. They had so much land it was amazing. I saw horses, cows, goats , and pigs and im sure I heard chcikens. They had a fence sepreating the stables from the main property with grape vines growing on them. The front porch had some rocking chairs and a stack of fire wood. Absolutly beautiful.
"Why thank you Lacie, Im glad you like it since this is your new home." I smiled but I was heartbroken on the inisde.
"Hayden Help Lacie with her things please."
"Yes Momma," he said with a deep voice with a thick accent, it sounded wonderful.
H carried most of my stuff into my room and we got to talking.
"Im so sorry about your family Lacie, it must be real hard." He said with compassion in his voice he opened his arms for a hug and I stepped into them. When his arms wrapped around me I felt like I was in a safe, perfect place. Its just because im going though a hard time I told myself. When he let go he looked into my eyes and then looked away like he thought he did something wrong. I stepped out of his arms and noticed he smelled really good, American Eagle colonge.
"So do you think you could help me paint the room Hayden?" I asked when i noticed the room was a light shade of brown...yulk.
"Yha I figured you would want to." He chuckled and got a paint bucket and some brushes. "I found out light pink is our favorite color." He said.
"Facebook, plus my mom told me so I went to the store a wa-lah pink paint"
I had to laugh at how goofy he acted when he said wa-lah he did some weird hand motion and made the funniest face. It was so funny at the moment I sat down on the hardwood floor and laughed, he started cracking up and both of us clouldent breath or stand up we were laughing so hard. He finally calmed down but I was still laughing hard. I finally calmed down but since I was wearing eye make-up when I cried while laughing it got in my eyes and I could hardly see.
"Umm Hayden could you hand me a kleenex? Please"
He did and I whipped the make-up out of my eyes andstood up but lost my balance and was about to fall but his strong arms caught me, our faces were so close I could fell his warm breath on my face, it was comforting in a weird way. He started to move his face closer to mine and I was doing the samebut then....
Of corse his momma walked in.
"...Say kids what do yall want for..." she saw us "...Umm, dinner?" She gave us a weird look and we starighted ourselves up and tried not to act like complete idiots.
"She uhhh...fell momma." He said as blush spread across his face...aww.
"Yha , he caught me, Mrs. Trotter." I said feeling myself blushing.
"Ok well good thing he caught you and Lacie please dont call me Mrs.Trotter, it makes me feel old just call me Momma if you want." She said with a motherly smile.
"Ok Mrs. Tro- um Momma." I said and she smiled.
"Well yall come down for dinner its time to eat."

Dinner was nice Mrs. Trotter- I mean Momma made steak and shrimp, my favorite combo. I learned about the house the horses and the farm. I think im going to like it here but no doubt Im going to miss my first family.

"Lacie tomorrow is school so Hayden will be dropping Heidi off at the Middle School and he and you will go to the high school, your a freshman right?" Momma asked.
"Yep Im fourteen so freshman sounds right." I joked with her she smiled and so did Mr. Trotter.
"Mr. Trotter you grilled this steak amzingly good." I said with a smile and he smiled back.
"Now Lacie Mr. Trotter is my father Im either Dad or Luke pick which ever you feel comfortable with." He said with a kind smile.
"Ok how about Daddy luke?" I said watching him chuckle.
"Now thats new I like that right there Daddy Luke it is."

We finished up dinner and I headed up to my room, apparently someone had painted my room and set my my bed with my Browning sheets and pillows. It was good to sleep in my new bed and I drifted off asleep as soon as I shut my eyes....

I woke up screaming with images of the crash in my mind. I cried and cried till I heard new Momma come crashing in, one look at my face and she knew what I was crying about she wrapped her arms around me and rocked me back and fourth like a little baby. Hayden came in wearing Mossy Oak pajama pants with a cup of hot chocolate and told Momma to go back to bed. He took her place, rocking me back and fourth whispering it would be ok. I finally stopped crying and looked up at him.
"Thanks Hayden, Im sorry that I woke you up." I looked at the window embarrased that he saw me so vunerable.
"Shhh dont worry baby girl thats why Im here."
Baby girl, thats what Easton called me all my life and on the night he died. I cried silent tears while Hayden layed me on the bed, I was orginally in his lap in a rocking chair curled up against his bare chest, and he tucked me in and sat on top of the covers stroaking my hair. I didnt care that I didnt know him that well I felt safe with him and I just needed someone to comfort me. I feel asleep still wrapped in his arms and had a deep dreamless had no nightmares...such bliss.

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