A Poem:)

Chapter 1


“When did lollipops turn into c-garettes? The innocent ones turn into whor-s? Detention become suspension? Soda became v-dka? Bikes becoming cars? Kisses turn into s-x, remember when getting hiigh meant swinging on the playground? When protection only meant using a helmet? When the worst thing you could ever get from a boy was coodies, or when your daddy’s shoulders were the highest place on Earth, when mommy was our hero. When our siblings were our worst enemies, or when race issues only meant who ran the fastest, when war was just a card game. Remember when the only dr-g we knew about was cough medicine? When wearing a skirt didn’t mean you were a sl-t, when the worst pain you’d ever feel was when we skinned our knees, and when goodbyes only meant until tomorrow.”


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