So Far Away - An Avenged Sevenfold Story.

So Far Away - An Avenged Sevenfold Story.

I got bored so I'm going to write a story involving Avenged Sevenfold, my favorite band of ALL TIME.
~R.I.P. Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan~
(P.S. None of this is true, and I really hope nobody thinks it is. I have no connection with the band at all, except that I'm a fan.)

Chapter 1


I stood there for a very long time, just staring at the grave in front of me. Why did this have to happen to him? My best friend...

"Come on. We don't have forever." Matt said, looking at me, as I stared blankly at the grave. Tears started to roll down my face. "God, Sam. Don't do that..." he said, looking away. Trying not to cry himself...

Synester grabbed my arm. "Come on. I know how you feel. We all do. But we have to let it go sometime."

"I'm not ready to. I never will be." I said, voice choking. I wasn't about to even try to let him go.

"None of us are. But we have to try." Zacky said. Johnny was staring at the grave, just as I was. He hadn't said a word the whole time. Synester pulled me from my spot, and all but carried me back to the van. I was still crying, trying to let it go. Nothing would make it better. Only if we had him back...

I wiped my tears away with my sleeve. When I pulled away, my eyeliner was smeared all over it. I rested my head on the window and sobbed. Losing someone is always hard, but when that someone is the only thing you have...

I don't think any of the guys noticed it. It was obvious they were still grieving, over a friend, a brother, but it was almost like they didn't realize he was gone. They carried on with their lives, just like normal. It had almost been a year since he passed, and my life just wasn't the same. Theirs weren't either, but somehow they got through the pain. Something I could never do.

We passed the street I used to live on when I was a kid. I saw the burnt remains of what was once a beautiful house, thriving with life. The place where I lost everything. I had been trying to remake my life since, but every time I tried, it always ended in tears.

Synester looked at me, with worried eyes. He knew what had happened, but the others didn't. I had known Syn since high school, after I had been adopted by my aunt. The two of us had been great friends, and that gladly survived over the years. Although I'm sure as the sun rises that he didn't know it, but I've liked him from the day I met him. Yes, that kind of like. I've always wondered what would happen if he knew. Would we fall in love, just like Matt had with his wife, Val? Or would it ruin all of what we built all this time? I wasn't sure, but I honestly wasn't taking any chances.

We pulled into my driveway. I wasn't ready to go home. I just wanted someone to talk to. I lived alone, and it's not like I needed to. When I'm alone, reality starts to fade. I think it's just schizophrenia, but it gets wierd to see people who you don't know. I had never told anyone about it, and wasn't planning to. Everyone already thought I was crazy enough.

I unlocked the door to my lonely house, and opened the door. It was warmer than usual, but still had a breeze, even after I closed the door. I felt like someone was following me up the stairs, and into my room. I figured it was just me, put on my H.I.M. CD and relaxed.

Right as it got to my favorite song, it started to get louder. I didn't know why, because my stereo was all the way across the room from me. The remote was set on my nightstand, and was not even near me. I went to turn it down some, because the neighbors always complained about "that stupid Goth racket" coming from my CD. What did they know about Finnish metal anyways?

As I turned it down, I heard a familiar voice from behind me.

"Thanks for the flowers."

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