Who I Am (A Nick Jonas Love Story)

This is a story about a girl who not only fails at love but tries her hardest to fall in love with a very hot guy.

Chapter 1


Name: Ever Lane
Age: 16
Hobbies: Love to write, hand out with friends and do her best to keep a boyfriend.
Discription: Long Brown hair, Green Eyes, Tan, and 5'6
Boyfriend: none
Name: Nick Jonas
Hobbies: Playing music, writing songs and hanging out with friends and brothers.
Discription: Short brown Curly Hair, Brown eyes, 5'7
Girlfriend: none
Name: Joe Jonas
Hobbies: playing music and hanging out
Discription: Shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes, and 5'9
Girlfriend: Demi Lovato
Name: Kevin Jonas
Hobbies: playing the guitar, and having fun with anyone and drinking Starbucks
Discription: looks exactly like brother nick but older looking with sideburns
Girlfriend: Danielle
Name: Demi Lovato
Hobbies: writing music, singing, and hanging out
Discription: long brown hair, brown eyes and about 5'7
Boyfriend: joe jonas
Name: Amber Free
Hobbies: riding horses and writing stories
Discription: short blonde hair, blue eyes, and 5'5
Boyfriend: Derek Cage
(Derek Cage will not be in this story, only his name will pop up every once in a while!)


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