Hollywood Hogwarts

You'd better read this or else. PS Rose is in her 6th year idk if i told you that! lolz

Chapter 2

Start of Story

"Here we are honey!" said your father. "Wow! Hogwarts is amazing!" you had replied. You and your father had arrived one day early to Hogwarts because of a "surprise" you and Dumbledore had planned for the students on the first day.
You entered the school and met Professor Albus Dumbledor who showed you around the school. You were sorted today so tomorrow there would be less chaos then there was already going to be, what with the Triwizard tournament this year, and pop sensation and actress Rose Thorne attending Hogwarts. You were sorted into a house called Ravenclaw. Dumbledore showed you were the Ravencalw common room was. That night you slept in Hogsmeade and the next morning you would trek back up to castle and stay there until summer.
The surprise you were planning was amazing. Once Dumbledore made the announcement that you were attending hogwarts you would strut into the Great Hall singing your hit song According to You (Rose is going to be singing songs by famous pop singers so please just pretend :D).
Fred Weasley's POV:
I was sitting in the Great Hall watching the first years being sorted. I was replaying the song According to You by Rose Thorne in my head. "Gosh," you thought "it would be amazing to meet her!" Dumbledore rose from his seat and announced there was a new student who would be in Ravenclaw. "The new student is the pop sensation from America,......ROSE THORNE!" he announced. You looked up in amazement to see Rose Thorne walking through the Great Hall singing one of your favorite songs. She finished singing and said "I can't wait to attend Hogwarts this year. PLEASE dont give me special treatment just because im famous. I want to be treated like every other student at this awesome school!"
Original POV:
You left the Great Hall with a big group of other Ravenclaw girls following you. As you headed up the stairs, you caught the eye of a red-headed boy. He was cute okay you admit it but you figured that was all. You fell asleep thinking "this is going to be the greatest school year ever!"

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