Hollywood Hogwarts

You'd better read this or else. PS Rose is in her 6th year idk if i told you that! lolz

Chapter 6

The Yule Ball

Today was the day of the Yule Ball. You were sooo excited! We only had classes until noon, but you didn't participate in any because you were busy setting up the Great Hall for my performance. We were eating lunch outside today and it was going to be awesome, because we didn't have to sit with our houses. You had really wanted to sit with Fred, but Cedric pulled you away before you could say anything.
"Rose, I can't wait for tonight" Cedric said as he sat down next to you, "Even if I can only dance with you for a few minutes." he finished kissing the top of your hand.
"Me either" you replied. After lunch you were heading back to Ravenclaw Common Room when mysterious hands pulled you into an empty classroom.
"Hello, Rose" said Draco slyly
"What's up? Make it quick because I have to go get ready for the ball." you said a little rushed
"About the ball-"
"I'm already going with Cedric, but I'll be on stage most of the time anyway." you cut him off.
"Oh...okay" he replied before he barged out of the room
Why must I be a heart breaker you thought to yourself
You returned to the common room and got ready. By seven o'clock, you were ready so you headed down to the Great Hall, turning a few heads along the way. Cedric lead you into the Great Hall, which now looked like a ballroom, for the Champions dance. After that, you got on stage and used magic to change your look. You were singing your heart out. You got to the song, When I Look At You. You had a piano brought in so you could play the song. It was just you playing when you looked out into the crowd while sing the line "When I look at you" and made direct eye contact with Fred. You smiled and so did he, and you continued into the night with songs like We are Who we Are and King of Anything. You were done performing at midnight and you were heading back to the common room when two arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you into a hug. You looked up to see Cedric.
"You were great out there, babe" he said sliding an arm around your waist as you continued to walk.
"Thanks. I'd love to stay and talk, but I'm super tired. I'll talk to you tomorrow?" you said.
His only response was to gently kiss you on the cheek, and you smiled. You were so close to sleep, you could taste it.......then your black owl, Snowflake (ironic right?) tapped on your window with a letter.
Dearest Rose,
I know there was a spark between us during the ball, and I know you're dating Cedric, but we need to talk about it. Meet me on the Quidditch field tomorrow at noon
~ Fred Weasley

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