I wish this was a love story

I wish this was a love story

This Idea has been floating around im my head for a while. I hope you guys like, its sad though just warning. So if you don't like sad stories you might not wanna read..Enjoy!

1st picture is Meghan

Chapter 2

This is the Chapter with Remembering

by: 13elieve
"Stop!" Meghan said quickly.

"What?" I said.

"Why are you doing this?" asked Meghan.

"Its a long story.." I said.

"Well jessie...I've got time" Meghan said gesturing around her.

I stared at her it would be nice for someone to actually know my story. I hadn't said it to anyone. Ever.

I gulped and swung my legs back over the railing so I was standing on the bridge again. Meghan smiled in relief. I sat down next to my messenger bag full of letters. She sat down next to me.

"Whats in this bag?" Meghan asked.

"Dont worry..you'll find out" I said.

"So were should I start?" I asked her.

"Where it all began" she said.

Oh how it all began...

One year earlier

August 16th 7:30 2009

"We are finally seniors!" said Cameron doing a little victory dance.

"...Im not really sure how to respond to this..." I said.

He laughed. My bestfriend Cameron, and I finally tackling our last year at Flemingson High school. Cameron, my wing man and the goof I shared 5th period english with.

"So whats your scheldue?" I asked him.

"I've got 1st period P.E draggg, 2nd period french, 3rd period history, 4th period math 5th period english, 6th period science and 7th period im on basketball team" he said.

"You made the team?!!?!" I said shocked. Cameron is the most un-atheltic person I know. Dont get me wrong he's not fat. He's just super clumsy, and un-cordinated.

"God no with my huge feet I can barely run Jessie, nope Im keeping score for the team plus it gets me out of taking two electives" he said.

"Ok now what have you got?".

"1st period math, 2nd period history, 3rd period P.E 4th period science 5th period english 6th period art and 7th period art" I said.

"Why do you have art for two periods?" he asked looking at my scheldue

"I signed up late for elective so I got stuck with art for two periods" I said.

"Oh god all the weirdos were in art class last year"

"I know and I hear Mr. Flanigan, the art teacher is like health nut organic freak" I said quievering at the thoughout.

"Oh no".

"My thoughout exactly" I said.

"Well im sure the year will shape up" he said.

"Yeah I hope" I said

The bell rang and paraniod freashmen hurried of to find their classes,stuck up juniors who thought they were better than everyone lingered for a moment, sophmores looked up for a moment watching othgers go and went back to their conversations, and senoirs didn't even move knowing they had 8 more minuetes to get to class.

Lets just say it's a dog eat dog world in highschool.

Art class~

I hurried off to art class dodge anger subs, even angerier teachers, confused students, and hall monitors waiting to rat anyone out. The bell rang and soon I was the only one in the hall. Shiit. I looked at my scheldue completely lost looking for the art room. You'd think I'd know my way around here considering I've been going here for fours years.

Well I dont.

The school if huge considering the over population of three junior high school merging. Scary if you ask me.

"Hey" said someone. I turned around and saw a single hall montior that was still lurking around, coming towards me.

"Should you been in class" he said. He then sighed. "Jesus the freashmen are freakin clueless" he said more to him self.

"Im not a freashmen d..ck wad, im a senior and im looking for the art room" I said rolling my eyes.

"Oh sorry it's down that hall" he said pointing to the left.

I nodded, and walked off to the art room hoping that just maybe Mr. Flanigan would have mercy on me.

I opened the door quietly, while Mr. Flanigan was in the middle of talking. He stopped and the entire room stared at me. Most of it was seniors, taking art because they loved it or for an easy A, other half was eager freashmen willing to take on any challenge but would probably fail miserably.

"So late on the first day" he said.

"Sorry I kinda got lost" I said quietly.

"Take a seat next to Mia" he said pointing to the back.

I looked acorss the room and followed his finger. He was pointing to an absoultely stunning red head girl sitting quietly looking at the back of the room. I looked at her for a moment. Her lips were painted red with lipstick, she had icy light blue eyes, and long eye lashes that were captivating. She was wearing an over sized shirt that was white with a black peace sign on it. A gray jean skirt with white leggings, that went up to her ankle and a stylish pair of black leather biking boots.


"See Meghan this, this is wear it all began" I said.

She rolled her eyes and smiled at me "Just get back to the story".


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