A Beautiful Lie ( A Fantasy)

Okay sorry I haven't posted this in awhile!! I had writor's block and been very busy writing my other story. Anyways I decided to make it a story. I'll be posting or at least try to post every weekend.

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Chapter 1


by: Today_
It was snowing, and as always there was the snowball fight. Angela, my best friend, was sitting next to me.
"Isn't Riley hot! Who are you looking for?" She asked. I was scanning the whole parking lot. I felt like someone was watching me.
I looked at her and gave her a smile, "Have you seen Mike Hawk?"
"Who?" She asked as her eyes widened.
"Mike Hawk. As in Mike, M-I-K-E, Hawk, H-A-W-K."
She started giggling, and i laughed along with her.
"I thought you said something else."
Then a snowball was thrown at my chest.
"Score!" I heard a voice shout. I looked up to see David. I smiled innocently at him as I hid a snowball behind my back. I threw it at him, but he ducked and it hit someone else. Oh god! I ran to the guy, and slided across the floor, and fell into his arms.
"I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to throw that snowball at you, or fall on you...laughs nervously sorry." I took a step back to take a good look at him. He was hot! He had blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes.
"It's fine." He smiled.
Then David came from behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He was the school perv, and best football player.
"Who is this?" He asked looking at the guy.
"I'm Sam."
"I'm Evelyn, but call me Evie." I said as I elbowed David and he got off of me.
"Do you mind showing me around.......I don't want to get lost." He said in his voice.
"Uh...sure. I could show you know before school starts."
"I'd like that." He smirked. There was something about him that I didn't know about.
We walked into the school.
"Sure, your boyfriend won't get jealous?"
I laughed, "Boyfriend? He's just the school pervert you know how they are."
~4 years later~
It was graduation day! I was so happy to get school over with! I did my morning routine, blow dried my hair then curled it. I ended up putting it in a loose bun.I slipped on a soft pink dress, and grabbed a pair of matching shoes. I wasn't a fan of pink, but I liked the dress. I put my make up on. Then i got my white graduation gown and cap. I ran down the stairs, and into the kitchen to find my dad reading the newspaper.
I put my shoes on and relaxed.
"Big day today." My father said. I nodded. My mom came with my dad's coffee.
"I remember when it was my graduation day...........good times.........good times."
"Eww." I muttered as I threw myself on the chair.
She snapped out of it, "Which means you should be careful at that party. If there is alcohol what do you do?"
"I don't touch it." I mumbled annoyed by her questions.
"I mean you don't need alcohol to make you crazy............it comes naturally to you." My father muttered.
"If there are drugs at the party, what do you do?"
"I leave, and don't touch it.....mom I will be careful trust me. I mean Sam and Angela will be there."
Then the doorbell rang.I went to go answer it, and it was Sam.
"You ready?"
"Yes." I admitted as I grabbed the gown and cap.
"Sweetie when you get your diploma remember to watch your step!" My mother shouted. I groaned, and shut the door. Sam laughed, remembering. We have been best friends ever since freshman year.
"I was just testing gravity..........it's not like nobody falls." I muttered.
"Oh and what was your conclusion?"
"Gravity still works."
"I got you something." He said as he dug in his pocket. He finally pulled out a hear locket. I looked at it closely, and it had a guardian angel (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41Ql3rbuFkL.AA121.jpg)
"It's beautiful."
"Compared to what?" Sam asked smiling at me. I blushed.
"Come on let's go, we don't want to be late, now do we?"
I was about to walk down the porch steps, but he stopped me.
"Watch your step." He warned in a teasing voice.
I glared at him. "Haha very funny. You know there's nothing to tease you about."
He gave me a look and then smirked, "Because I am perfect."
"Compared to what?"
I then laughed at the look on his face it was priceless.
We went to this party that was going to be held at a club. I don't know how, but this kid managed to rent it for the night. I was tired though. I was sitting next to Sam, and across from Angela and Riley who were drunk.
I rest my head on Sam's shoulder, and he put his arm around me.
"Today was a long day......" I mumbled. I looked at my phone and it was about to be 2 a.m!
My mom would have called by now if she were worried.....right? I closed my eyes for a moment and when I opened them I was a woman. She was glaring at me.Her hair shined very bright it was a white color, and her eyes were gray, and they were burning into my soul. I gasped, and jumped causing to move the table and spilling my Dr.Pepper all over the floor.
"What's wrong?" Sam asked as he looked in the same direction as I was.
"Do you see that woman glaring at me?" I asked,terrified, under my breath.
Angela burst out laughing, "Are you sure she's not checking you out?"
I ignored her, and got up.
"Where are you going, Evie?"
"I need some fresh air."
"Let me go with you."
"No, I rather be alone."
He sighed, but let me go. I literally ran outside.I leaned against a wall as I tried to calm down.
"Think I was your imagination?" A voice whispered. My eyes widened it was her again.
"Who are you?" I managed to ask.
"You don't need to know. If you don't want to be bothered then leave Sam alone."
"But he's my bestfriend."
"You're so naive, if you think he wants you as a bestfriend."
"Your not real.....Evie wake up." I mumbled.
She laughed, and it hurt my hears the way she did.
"Let me give you proof that I am real. Because if I wasn't real, I couldn't do this." She said
as she grabbed my arm and scratch it. I winced in pain.
"If you don't back off, off of Sam there will be consequences." She warned then disappeared. I grabbed my arm in pain, it was bleeding.
I slid down against the wall until I was sitting on the floor. Who the hell is she?
"Evie!" A voice shouted. I covered my ears, and groaned my arm was still hurting. It was Sam. I was actually falling asleep. Even though I loved to party who ever that woman was ruined it for me.
"What the hell happened to you?" He asked grabbing my arm.
"Don't touch it!" I said as I lightly slapped his hand. He sighed, and picked me up bridal style towards his car. I was half asleep half awake. The car stopped, and he picked me up, opened the door to my house, and quietly went up to my room.
He took a long look at my arm, "Stay here."
I did, and sat on my bed. He came back with a first aid kit, and started healing my wound.
"You know whoever did this to you can get into trouble."
"Well I have no clue what so ever about who the woman is."
"It was that woman that glared at you?"
I nodded.
He sighed, "Goodnight Evie."
Right after he left, I fell asleep.
Sam's p.o.v
I threw the door open to Alyssa's room.
"Oh look, Samuel's here."
"What did you to Evie?"
"Don't play dumb with me, Alyssa."
"It's non of your buisness, anyways."
"She's my friend, it is my buisness."
"I know she's the reason why you don't accept me. But I can be way better than she is in every way. Tell me what I need to be, so I can be with you."
"Jealousy isn't going to do you any good Alyssa. So I suggest you to leave her alone or else."
"Or else what? Have you forgotten that the reason you walk on earth is because your a monster! What will happen if you kill me, then you'll go to hell!"
"Just leave her alone."
"You don't tell me what to do. If I want to mess with herI'll do it."
"I don't know what your problem is, but ever since Troy left you've changed."
This seemed to hurt her.
"You don't know him the way I do. Now leave!"
"All I ask of you is to leave her alone." I reminded her as I left.
I then bumped into Alec.
"Can I ask you something?" He asked.
"Go ahead."
"That Evelyn of yours, do you know if Alyssa revealed her true self to her?"
I thought about it, "Actually she did."
"And she's not dying?"
"Nope, not at all." I told him confused.
"Does she seem different than the other humans?"
"Where are you going with this?" I asked him.
"I think Evelyn isn't human."

Evelyn's p.o.v
It was sunny outside, and I was on top of cliff staring down at the beautiful shining water.
"Evelyn!" I heard a voice whisper. I turned around and no one was there.
"Evelyn!" The voice teased again. This time I turned around, and ran.I stopped and gasped in pain.I looked down and I was bleeding. Before I could even do anything else.......I passed out..........

author's note!
Okay the last part might be a little confusing, but in the next one you'll understand it. Anyways like I said this one might not be as good because I had to rewrite it. But please comment and tell me what you think, because I'm still not sure if I should actually continue this.

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